Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Forecast a Ballot

And don't forget to tip your waitress.It was predicted by the Mayan Calendar: Among the signs and portents to be observed in 2012 will be the confluence of the Quadrennial Leap Year with the Illinois Presidential Primary. In layman's terms, today is February 29 which means Illinois voters all get an extra day this year to cast a ballot in early voting.

Your LakeCountyEye gives little weight to the story that pre-Daley Chicago Ward bosses would reward their early voters with a pint of Early Times. Nonetheless, operatives have between now and March 15 to GOTV their early voters into the polls.

It should be noted that the phrase Early Voting is a misnomer. Contrary to what many are led to believe, voters do not have to arrive before 6:00 AM to participate in early voting. The legislative intent of early voting was to provide for Illinois's Type-A voters an avenue to get a leg up on their sluggardly election-day-voting counterparts.

In fact, Springfield legislators were originally divided over what exactly to call Early Voting. Your LakeCountyEye recalls -- like it was just back in the day -- that a number of alternative designations were hotly debated, both on and off the legislative floor. Ten of them, to be exact:

Ten Names for Early Voting Rejected by Springfield Legislators
  1. ORLY Voting
  2. Voting: The Prequel
  3. Preemptive Voting
  4. Late Voting ... ha ha Psych!
  5. Damn It's Early Voting
  6. "Another Unfunded Mandate" Voting
  7. Early Voting: Now with Video Poker!
  8. US Cellular Early Voting
  9. Early Onset Voting
  10. Vote Early. Vote Often. Repeat.

Look for your LakeCountyEye voting early ... so you don't have to.

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