Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Brick in the Mall

shop catLake County is saving its pennies, a penny at a time, in anticipation of its newest super-sized shopping mall. As readers of this blog are superbly aware ...
The Handwriting on the Mall
A backroom deal in the works for over a year will see a parcel of unincorporated land on Route 12 near Lake Zurich re-zoned commercial by a vote of the Lake County Board. After the formalities are taken care of, that unincorporated land will quickly turn into a shopping mall so awesome as to make the nearby Deer Park Mall look like the Lake County Fielders Stadium.

The mall is expected to generate a bagfull of windfall sales-tax revenue for the County; equivalent revenues are expected to go to the lawyers for a windfall of anticipated of lawsuits. According to the Daily Herald already ...
Family members behind a potential commercial development near Hawthorn Woods want a public apology from a woman for what they contend were disparaging remarks she made about them at a village board meeting.
Development family wants apology from Hawthorn Woods speaker
The mall has no name as of yet, however informed sources in the Lake County Regional Planning Commission inform your LakeCountyEye that a faux native american name (which was the style at the time) is under consideration:
Thistooksum Malls
The same source in the top-secret rubber-stamp Commission also divulged the names of some of the shops already booked for the new mall. Your LakeCountyEye is pumped! ... Here are ten of them:

Ten Places to Shop at the New Lake Zurich Mall
  1. Saks Rand Road
  2. Victoria's Secret Deal
  3. AutoZoned Commercial
  4. Lake-Zuro-Disney
  5. LegoMyLand
  6. Baker's 800,000 Square Ft
  7. Tiffany's District
  8. JC Penny's, Nickel's, Dime's & Unmarked 100's
  9. Skimboree
  10. The Park City Casino

Look for your LakeCountyEye with sleeping bag & camp stove and first in the door when the new mall opens.

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