Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Willard of the People

With Willard "Mitt" Romney and Willard "Rick" Santorum duking it out for the Republican Presidential nomination, Lake County's own Willard -- Willard Helander -- seems to have gotten lost in the scuffle. Voters who crave videos of Helander and stuff would need to go to her website -- owned and operated by the office of the County Clerk, Willard Helander ...
County Clerk - Lake County, IL
Luckily with a Primary election only five weeks away, Helander can drive eyeball traffic to the website, with promises not of on-line voting, but with something that sounds a lot like on-line voting. According to the press release sent from Helander's office to your LakeCountyEye ...
County Clerk Willard Helander announced today that registered voters in Lake County may now preview their official ballot at using the "What's on My Ballot?" link. The user is prompted to supply registration name, house number, zip code and date of birth to view the correct ballot for one's address.
Your LakeCountyEye, being an early-adopter so you don't have to, clicked the link:
Submitting to the County Clerk's button got your LakeCountyEye down deeper into the website ...
Where all kinds of buttons and links may be pressed to to view more webpages of the Office of the County Clerk ... Willard

If early voting does not begin on Valentine's Day, maybe it ought to?

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