Thursday, February 16, 2012

Major League Rules

There is nothing that stirs up controversy in an election year like a League of Women Voters® candidate forum. As readers of this blog are repeatedly aware ...
Candidate Forums
Four LWV fora were scheduled in Lake County for the upcoming primary election. The first of these debates was held this week:
Candidate Forum for contested races for countywide department elected officials - Clerk of the Circuit Court, Coroner, Recorder of Deeds, and State's Attorney. Sponsored by League of Women Voters, Daily Herald, and University Center.

Sunday, Feb. 12
1:30 pm

University Center of Lake County
1200 University Center Rd
Operatives who missed this event can watch the full video at LWV's YouTube channel ...
candidateforums's channel
The first video in the sequence is embedded for your convenience:

If you're anything like your LakeCountyEye you will find yourself rewinding to about 1:50 where forum moderator and local celebrity Kathy Tate-Bradish goes over the League rules. Spoiler Alert! Operatives who expect or demand the recitation of loyalty oaths may be disappointed.


Bystander said...

Wow, so tech-forward of the League - allowing recording, and having a YouTube channel! (I say this with all due respect as a proud League member myself.) What's next - allowing people to tweet their questions?

Anonymous said...

Really, Lake County, Loyalty Oaths? Do you miss McCarthyism and yearn for some sort of binding blood brothers pact with your fellow countrymen? It seems plenty patriotic to be running for government and participating in civil debates.

Bystander said...

I assumed the Eye was referring to the notorious Joe Walsh debacle at a Lake County League forum last time around. It certainly gave the League its 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately, the moderator received death threats afterward, which is taking jingoism a bit too far.

District116 said...

I saw the same group a few days earlier at the Warren Twp. Center where we recited the Pledge.

If you listen to Part 2 of the Clerk's portion you will hear i BIG gong sound (3:25) right after Brin says "It wasn't taxpayer's money...." Too funny!

These can be real yawners after you've heard a few of them with the same candidates.