Friday, February 3, 2012

Contrabanned Contraception?

Who could ask for anything more?One would think an institution known for the Inquisition and for tossing Galileo in jail and for playing footsies with the likes of Hitler & Mussolini would've sooner or later learned a lesson. But no, the Roman Catholic Church is now claiming as their God-given right the privilege to withhold contraceptives from its employees. According to the Northwest Herald ...
A health care reform battle raging over individual's rights to insurance coverage for contraception and whether the federal government can compel religious institutions to fund that coverage has spilled into church pews locally and across the country. Catholic congregations this weekend heard a call to rally and a demand that Congress reverse a Jan. 20 decision by the Obama administration that requires Catholic and other religiously affiliated hospitals, colleges and social services agencies to cover services contrary to their doctrines.
Contraceptive coverage irks local Catholics
As to any organization that risks being a caricature of the Church Lady on matters regarding birth control, your LakeCountyEye advises operatives to give them a wide berth.

Luckily Joe Walsh is not being advised by your LakeCountyEye. Walsh, banty rooster & 8th Congressional District Congressman, has thrown his iron into the fire and has made it known that when it comes to a choice between public health & medical science or religious dogma, he sides with religious dogma:
Forcing religious organizations to provide birth control to their employees is un-American and unacceptable.
Rep. Walsh Takes Stand Against Contraceptive Mandate
Ha ha, this Joe Walsh who believes it is suitable to withhold basic family planning resources from a segment of the labor force is the same Joe Walsh who is currently being sued by an ex-wife for child support. The same Representative who has made Illinois tea-party politics synonymous with deadbeat-daddery also wants to block access to birth control. Is it just your LakeCountyEye who sees the irony here?

Ops are advised to get down on their knees and hope & pray that Big Government shall never perish from the earth. Big Government is about the only thing that now stands in the way of any fundamentalist outfit that wants to drag everyone back into the 15th century. Just sayin!


District116 said...

(Walsh) "....wants to block access to birth control...."

That is totally incorrect. Walsh does not support blocking access to birth control. What he is supporting is the idea that government should not have the right to TELL any organization what they can and can't do when it comes to birth control. People wanting birth control can get it from many sources without FORCING the religious sectors into not only prescribing them but GIVING them out. He mentioned this at his meeting Sunday in McHenry which is on my blog if you are interested in getting his opinion right.

Barney Baxter said...

hi District116,

Sure, everything I write on this blog is 90% hyperbole. But I think this one also contains a kernel of truth. Women's birth control usually requires a MD's prescription and under the new rules would be covered by insurance plans. Demanding a loophole for religious employers in effect throws a up roadblock to those women who otherwise would have this service provided by their health insurance at low or no cost.