Saturday, February 5, 2011

Party On, Dudes

Your LakeCountyEye has the Super Bowl fever. Thanks to some shrewd bidding on eBay, your LakeCountyEye is currently in the possession of Super Bowl tickets, and at a bargain basement price. Operatives can expect your LakeCountyEye to be live-blogging at the Super Bowl tailgate party, direct from the parking lot at Soldier Field, until the kickoff.

In the meantime, and speaking of parties, operatives may recall on this blog ...
The Comical Sense Party
a hilarious Internet top 10 list of funny made-up political party names. Well file the following under truth-is-stranger-than-fiction; or life-imitates-the-Internet; or something. Because the candidate list for the April 5th Lake County consolidated election has been posted on the web. And some of the political party names listed were either inspired or downright stolen from the fake, made-up political party names invented by your LakeCountyEye for your merriment.

Here are the names of some of the actual political parties that will appear on the Lake County April 5 ballot.
  • Most Excellent Bannockburn Caucus
  • Common Sense Party
  • Repeal Red Light Cameras
  • Hawthorn Woods Resident's Party
  • R. I. G. H. T.
  • People's Voice for Island Lake
  • Residents First
  • Lake Zurich Vision
  • Working For You!
  • 4 All
  • Proven Leadership
  • Building A Better Tomorrow
  • Positive Leadership Party
Skeptics can go to the Lake County website for the complete list ...
Candidate List 2011 Consolidated Election
Operatives are cautioned to learn from the sad lesson learned by your LakeCountyEye and always copyright your material immediately.

Anyways, operatives in search of inexpensive entertainment can go and vote on April 5. (And, for primary voters, February 22.) Your ballot may very well be a cornucopia of unintended humor!

As for now, your LakeCountyEye is wondering where all the tailgaters are. The big game starts in less than 24 hours but there isn't anyone here to be seen. No doubt everyone is waiting for the piles of snow to be plowed. Wimps.

Live-blogging from a snow-cave somewhere in the Soldier Field parking lot, your LakeCountyEye says GO BEARS!

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