Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Comical Sense Party

There is gridlock in Barrington Hills. Streets are jammed, bumper to bumper, with gapers who read on this blog ...
In the Eye of the Beholder
about the awesome outdoor home light displays free of charge every night in the bucolic suburb. The buzzkills in Barrington Hills city hall wanted to flip the switch on the fun with an ordinance to clamp restrictions on the eyeblinding outdoor displays. But the homeowners, H.A.L.O. -- Homeowners Against Lighting Ordinances -- fought back and won.

Your LakeCountyEye sees no need to remind operatives that you have to fight for your right to party. Nodoubt with that in mind, H.A.L.O. organized into a political party -- the Common Sense Party -- aiming their sights at Barrington Hills city hall.

Note to operatives, your LakeCountyEye looks back with nostalgia to the days when a political party could be given a name like the Sensible Party or the Silly Party to great comedic effect. Nowadays when being apprised of a new political party with a name like the Common Sense Party or the Moderate Party, it is never with implied mirth. Sigh.

With that in mind your LakeCountyEye has mashed together ten names that the H.A.L.O. should consider calling their new political party:

Ten Better Names for the New H.A.L.O. Political Party
  1. Lit Up Party

  2. Camera-Reddy Kilowatt Party

  3. H.A.L.O.tosis Party

  4. Charge of the Light Brigade Party

  5. Dim Bulb Party

  6. Twi-Light Zone Party

  7. Red Light Camera Party
    Ed Note: Dan Duffy's new political party.
    Your LakeCountyEye regrets the error.

  8. How Many Outdoor Display Architects Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb in Barrington Hills Party

  9. Indiscreteness and Light Party

  10. Barrington Hillbillies Party

And be sure to vote for your LakeCountyEye in the upcoming election: check your ballot for the Cocktail Party

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