Saturday, January 22, 2011

Goog Synthesizer: The AutoRepeat

Looking ahead to a another cold January weekend, your LakeCountyEye sees nothing marked on the calendar -- for instance Sunday, 2pm to 5pm, CST, nada. Which means there is plenty of free time ahead to play the Internet's newest craze. Operatives who read about it first on this blog ...
Goog Synthesizer
will know your LakeCountyEye has been spelunking its autocompleter to mine Google's closely held secrets:

Not a closely held secret, Cal Skinner is the brainchild behind the McHenryCountyBlog. But for Google's autocompleter he is half of a dynamic duo ...
Cal Skinner Jack Franks

Jack Franks, of course, is a State Rep from somewhere out there in McHenry County. All of which which proves politics makes for strange bedfellows. The attention, by the way, is not reciprocated. Googling Jack Franks shows not a trace of Cal Skinner. All of which proves Eric Clapton's lament Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?
Speaking of bedfellows, it's too bad for Joe Walsh that global warming is a myth perpetrated by the liberal media. He could've used some of that hot air to fill his inflatable mattress. Walsh plans to sleep in his congressional office, but what the Google searchers want to know is ...
Joe Walsh Foreclosure

With the dozen or so past foreclosure judgements and evictions on his permanent record, it's small wonder that Walsh will be sleeping at the office. The DC landlords are all demanding a year's rent in advance!
If Joe Walsh hadn't gone to Congress, then everyone would be talking about Robert Dold going to Congress. And if Google is right, what they would be talking about the new Tenth District Congressman would be ...
Bob Dold Jewish

Does that trip to Israel count?
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