Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goog Synthesizer

Cyber-savvy LakeCountyEye operatives are familiar with Google's autocomplete feature:
How autocomplete works
As you type, Google's algorithm predicts and displays search queries based on other users' search activities. These searches are algorithmically determined based on a number of purely objective factors (including popularity of search terms) without human intervention. All of the predicted queries shown have been typed previously by other Google users.
Features: Autocomplete
It's not a surprise that Gizmodo has mined the annoying autocomplete for purposes of cyber-hilarity. For instance, type in Illinois and Google will suggest ...
Illinois Lottery
Google Autocomplete Redefines U.S. Map
Your LakeCountyEye is never above stealing someone else's clever idea to claim as one's own. Particularly a clever idea that requires not much more in the way of wattage than a stolen borrowed Internet connection.

Lake County has a new State Senator, Suzi Schmidt. Google's autocomplete feature recommends ...
Suzi Schmidt Political Cartoon

Intrigued, your LakeCountyEye went searching for said political cartoon. Not recalling ever seeing a cartoon about Suzi Schmidt, your LakeCountyEye was not surprised when unable to find one. Those previous Google users may have intended political cartoon as an adjective
The former new Lake County State Senator, Dan Duffy, gets autocompleted in an unexpected way ...
Dan Duffy Hungry Man

Your LakeCountyEye can commiserate. Who hasn't starved to death waiting for a red light to change? Especially when that Taco Bell waits just around the corner.
Mark Curran, Lake County's yet to be former Sheriff, may run but cannot hide from the Google autocompleter. Google actually breaks news, with information regarding ...
Mark Curran Chef Arrested

Your LakeCountyEye hears that chef got into hot water for serving party turnovers. No doubt this was a swift ride to the lockup. If hungry Dan Duffy is ever caught running a red light, some hot stir-fry awaits at the County jail.
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