Monday, January 10, 2011

2 + 2 = 75?

The Illinois Income Tax may be going up. How much? According to the Lake County Federation of Teachers ...
The governor and legislative leaders are discussing proposals to increase the state income tax by approximately 2 percent.
Support Revenue for Education and Public Services
Now, Ayn Rand toting ideologues would rather see government by, for & of the people perish from the earth before seeing a tax levied. So not surprisingly the tax-hawks at the McHenryCountyBlog are all over this like pink on a pig:
Here's the email from the Illinois Federation of Teachers. Note the false characterization of the proposed income tax hike as "approximately 2 percent."
Math-Impaired Teachers Union Supports 75% Income Tax Hike
It's obvious that "approximately 2 percent" refers to the proposed increase of the 3% income tax to 5.25% ...
5.25% - 3% ≈ 2%
The exact difference is 2.25% -- which the McHenryCountyBlog prefers to characterize as 75% of the base 3% ...
75% * 3 = 2.25
Of course no one is dumb enough to think:
2% * 3 = 2.25
But this doesn't deter the McHenryCountyBlog from pretending that they think the IFT cannot add 2 + 2 (and by implication that we should be home-schooling our children).

Well perhaps your LakeCountyEye spoke too soon. It is unclear that the McHenryCountyBlog is not dumb enough to think the IFT is dumb enough to think:
2.25 / 3 = 2%
So your LakeCountyEye will pretend to think that the McHenryCountyBlog really believes the IFT cannot add 2 + 2.

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