Sunday, February 27, 2011

High School Confidential

Your LakeCountyEye has been on-the-record ad-nauseum saying Lake County's elected officials are not paid enough. All these government boards that you get to vote for in April, exist to represent the interests of you the taxpayer. But when these boards don't pay a decent enough stipend to attract civic minded individuals (who would be expected to do the right thing), they end up packed with proxies of the wealthy & powerful, sent there to represent their special interests. For instance, County, Township, Municipal boards -- those entrusted to buy, sell and regulate property -- are a magnet for those special interests best positioned to profit handsomely from these land deals. All your space are belong to us is the boast of these local land barons. It's the insiders who benefit from the inside deals, and that is because Lake County voters want to elect officials who will work for nothing.

This sad and ugly state of affairs has metastasized even onto government boards that typically do not engage in land deals. Since most Lake County school boards remunerate their members with zero dollars for their trouble, these boards are in the process of being packed by pressure groups who want to see their narrow-interest ideological programs imposed on the school curricula. As readers of this blog already know,
Guerrillas in Our Midst
three High School boards are likely to be taken over by creationists in April; and a fourth is teetering.

Your LakeCountyEye predicts that with a third-world education, Lake County's sons and daughters can look forward to third-class employment opportunities. All the good jobs will be overseas; and held down by professionals who enjoyed first-class educations in exotic places with names like Bangalore, Beijing, Chicago.

Listed below are Lake County's High Schools. Your LakeCountyEye couldn't figure out a way to make them into an Internet Top Ten list; instead the list indicates whether or not the school is likely to be teaching creationism in the near future. Operatives are encouraged to keep your LakeCountyEye current with new developments at their local schools. The list will be updated as things, well, evolve.

Where to Send Your Kid
to Learn Creationism
in Lake County
Antioch High School
Barrington High School
Deerfield High School
Grant High School
Grayslake High School
Warren High School
Highland Park High School
Lake Forest High School
Lake Zurich High School
Lakes Community High School
Libertyville High School
Stevenson High School
Mundelein High School
North Chicago High School
Round Lake High School
Vernon Hills High School
Wauconda High School
Waukegan High School
Zion-Benton High School
Creationist On Board
Creationist Not On Board
Creationist Conceivably On Board
Read & weep -- then clip & save!


Anonymous said...

Other than perhaps a waste of time teaching this, why do we not think our children are smart enough to figure out what makes sense? I think it as a shame that we are stuck with boards, whose members have no concern for the children, but kids are pretty smart-even though they don't show it many times-the Boards I am more worried about are those that approve giant tax increases-Dist. 46-or pay bonuses with stimulus money, instead of hiring more teachers.

Barney Baxter said...

hi Anon,
I taught a couple years, and can say I don't think all that many college students are smart enough to figure it out. But I do have more sympathy for a group that wants to take over a school board to control spending, than a group that wants to promote an ideology.

Bystander said...

Thanks for this sobering information.

Human Ape said...

The only solution that's fair to students: fire every biology teacher who wastes even just one minute talking about magical creationism, the most idiotic religious fantasy ever invented.

What about the creationists, also known as uneducated morons, on school boards? The solution is completely remove their power to say anything about science curriculums. Idiots have no right to make these decisions.