Monday, February 28, 2011

Joe Walsh: Crazy Like FoxNews

Eighth District Congressman Joe Walsh has been chewing up the carpets lately with the gusto of a soon-to-be-deposed Mideast dictator. Walsh was most recently seen mugging for the abcNEWS cameras:
Tea Party Freshmen Return Home
Walsh's talking points tend to be over-the-top cracks on the order of ...
We will do what we have to do, to shut down the government if we have to.

Think Progress
While the anarcho-libertarian schtick may play well with his Tea Party base, this sort of overheated rhetoric typically serves to only frighten the normal voter. Even the Northwest Herald's alpha-krug, Chris Krug, was taken aback by (while trying to soft-peddle) Walsh's histrionics:
Walsh, R-McHenry, is a wild card, vowing again on Friday to be true to the supporters who launched him into office.
Walsh in Washington: Doing it his way
As Krug concedes (albeit between the lines) this is not a strategy for re-election. So what's up with Walsh? Walsh-watchers are divided between three schools of thought:
  1. I'm Ready for My Close-Up
    Guess what, being a Congressman is hard work. And Walsh either doesn't want or doesn't expect to be re-elected. So the show-boating for the benefit of the cameras is actually Walsh auditioning for a high-paying gig on FoxNews. It worked for Sarah Palin.

  2. Redistricted into Rural Iowa
    Walsh expects to be redistricted out of the Eighth. He will end up in a right-turn-on-red district extending west from his Fox-Lake base down into Deliverance Illinois, where Walsh expects his biggest re-election hurdle will be the Primary. Long story short, Walsh is running to the right of Don Manzullo.

  3. Walsh Really is Nuts
    Nuff said!


LC Truth said...

Three for me

Anonymous said...

3 for me too

Ginny said...

Three-peat: now that the proposed map is out, Walsh is stuck in the 14th up against another n00b.