Monday, February 14, 2011

The Candyman Can

It's Valentine's Day in Lake County -- a time when your LakeCountyEye's heart turns to thoughts of the Illinois Republican congressional delegation. Their newest Senator, Mark Kirk, reciprocated already with a Valentine. A press release in your LakeCountyEye's inbox confided that Kirk will be handing out sugary favors from his senate seat:
U.S. Senator Mark Kirk today announced his new seat assignment in the Senate chamber is the historic "Candy Desk".
Kirk Assigned to Famous Senate "Candy Desk"
No your LakeCountyEye isn't making this up; the elfin Senator Kirk is promising a free supply of candy at his desk, for the US Senate. The details are too complicated to explain, other than this is the sort of stranger-than-fiction story that is too good to be true. Your LakeCountyEye, appreciative of any cheap-shot opportunity at an easy Internet Top 10 List, encourages DC operatives to cruise over to the Senate Candy Desk and eyeball the merchandise:

Ten Sweets on Supply at the Mark Kirk Senate Candy Desk
  1. Bazooka Gum

  2. Banana Nut Log

  3. All Day Suckers

  4. Candy Canes

  5. Jawbreakers

  6. Pop Rocks

  7. Mr Goodbar

  8. Pixy Stix

  9. Malted Milk Balls

  10. Twinkies

Watch for your LakeCountyEye at the free dental clinic: 10am, 1pm and 3pm

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You want to see something real funny?

Check out this article in today's Daily Herald: