Monday, February 21, 2011

Lake County Census...Not as Expected for some

The 2010 Census Reports are beginning to be released and the local media has begun reporting some of the statistics as they become available. Along with those statistics are comments by area leaders. 

If you haven't been keeping up with the news, Lake County's population increased 9.2% over the last decade. That is disappointing to several area leaders who expected a larger gain. There are three areas in Lake County that saw a substantial gain: Round Lake (213%), Antioch (64%) & Lake Villa (49%).

State Senator Suzi Schmidt who is also the former Chairman of the Lake County Board and current Lake County Board Chairman David Stolman(Schmidt's Vice Chairman) are on record stating their surprise. Senator Schmidt told the News-Sun she was surprised the rate of increase was only 9.2% and implied the less that expected growth may be contributed to taxes going up in Illinois (2011) and jobs moving to Wisconsin and other destinations.   Seriously???????????????????  You cannot blame the  2011 tax increase.  Chairman Stolman is on record suggesting the economy may have played a role.  Two and a half years of economic challenges trumps seven and a half years?  

What both failed to PROPERTY TAXES!!!!! Do you think perhaps that may have an impact on the slower than expected growth?????? Lake County is ranked as having the highest property taxes in the entire Midwest and ranked 16th in the nation according to Forbes. Lake County has priced themselves out of the market and until we get control of our spiraling property taxes, the next decade could see a further shrink in population.


Anonymous said...

Suzi's comments only confirm what I have always thought about her - she is a typical party hack.

She wants to attack the latest tax increase, and will work it into any subject whatsoever.

Suzi, please tell us what you really think.

IllinoisJim said...

Don't we have a $90 Million deficit, also? How did this happen with Republicans in charge?