Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Son of Countdown to Mark Kirk

The soon-to-be ex-Senator-Elect Mark Kirk is being sworn-in and has invited your LakeCountyEye. Since these events by statute are open to the public, the invitation is reproduced here for operatives interested in attending:

Typically these ceremonial events are held at high-profile venues like the US Capitol; and officiated by a heavyweight, like a US Vice President or someone. Sharp-eyed operatives will observe however that Kirk's swearing-in will be held at the Crystal Lake City Hall, and officiated by Congressman-Elect Joe Walsh. A gutsy move, considering this should likely be well-attended by McHenry County Tea-Partiers and Minute-Men and other 2nd Amendment enthusiasts.

As a vital reminder, your LakeCountyEye is posting a brand-new special swearing-in countdown timer:
Countdown Clock to the Mark Kirk Swearing-In
Crystal Lake City Hall
Saturday, Nov 20 2010, 3 pm
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