Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crime Wave Election

LakeCountyEye Operatives on loan to the Joe Walsh campaign were advised to set up a command post in the abandoned parking-lots of Hainesville. Their 24/7 vigil paid off as they nabbed LakeCountyEye Operatives on loan to the Melissa Bean campaign in the act of loitering too close to their yardsigns.

The CapitolFaxBlog published the shocking evidence:
First of all, the Walsh video doesn't show the alleged operative actually touching the sign. At the very beginning she appears to be standing next to a Bean sign. And lastly, the Walsh sign appears to be posted in a public right of way, which is illegal. Is not stealing or even touching an illegally posted sign illegal? No. Watch it for yourself ...


Lamest. Allegation. Ever.
Fun election day stuff and more reader precinct reports
Not to be outdone, the vigilantes at the McHenryCountyBlog are demanding a pound of frontier justice:
A Police report was immediately filed with the Grayslake Police Department by the Walsh volunteers, and the three Melissa Bean campaign signs that were placed along Illinois Route 120 by the passenger in the automobile were retained as physical evidence by the Grayslake Police Department. The video is also being reviewed. Criminal charges are pending. So, this Walsh volunteer is a man after my own heart.
Walsh Volunteer Steve Tucker Catches Maryland Car Stealing His Signs
Your LakeCountyEye would certainly hope criminal charges are pending. Littering the public highways, even with political yardsigns, is indeed a crime. And it seems to your LakeCountyEye that the Joe Walsh campaign is the epicenter of a three-county coordinated criminal conspiracy to litter (with intent to gawk) these same highways.

Furthermore, to embolden a criminal litterer -- as the McHenryCountyBlog seems to be doing -- could be construed (especially by some ambitious assistant DA) as aiding and abetting. Which is also a crime. If charges have not been filed against the McHenryCountyBlog yet, operatives are urged to hasten over to Hainseville and do so immediately. What are you waiting for, the statute of limitations? Go on, git!


Anonymous said...

Well, it's quite easy to see which campaigns violate the state/city laws/ordinances on campaign signs. For every sign the police/troopers pick up, they should fine the campaign at least $1000.

Kirk, Dold, & Turelli are the biggest culprits in Moraine & Shields Townships. But then, it's always OK if you're a republican, isn't it? Because, you know, laws just don't apply to them...

Anonymous said...

I really thought with the advent of the social media, yard signs would have been passe with this past election and maybe they are with sign on personal property which weren't nearly as prevalent as signs on public property and right of ways this past election season. I for one am going to start challenging my local municipality and county to remove illegally place signs, since I am one of the stakeholders that pay their salaries.

Goodmongo said...

I thought you were going to shoot yourself, or have others do it if you mentioned Walsh again. Oops, I meant Congressman elect Joe Walsh. I guess the polls showing a tight race weren't crap after all huh? Bean is an idiot who stayed in her bunker and sold us out with cap and tax, Oblmacare and porkulus bills. She desrves to lose. BTW - How's that Dold - Seals race going :)

Barney Baxter said...

hi Goodmongo--
I've been wearing my kevlar suit.

Goodmongo said...

Did you hear the latest news? They found a bag of ballots in San Fransico Bay yesterday. bean said that they were hers and need to be counted. I know she is in contact with Chicago machine people gettign info to see if she can manufactur some votess and have them magically appear.

Barney Baxter said...

hi Goodmongo,
We must have the same sources. What I heard is that neither the Dems or the GOP want to see Walsh in Washington. Both GOP & Dems are working together to steal the election for Bean.

Anonymous said...

Walsh is doomed from day one IF he makes it. As Independents and Republicans wake up to see what they did, or for the majority of the 8th District that did NOT come out to vote, realize what they did.....they will overrun Walsh with demands and answers for every piece of legislation he supports or does not support. I seriously doubt Walsh truly believes the District was against the Healthcare Bill, but he was able to use that soundbite to sway his base. This race was not about the district, it was about who was able to better motivate their base. Today that looks like Walsh, but it is not concrete yet.
The 8th remains a Moderate District and if Walsh makes it to DC, he will either drink the District kool-aid and tick off his base, or he will not compromise and will be a one term Congressman.
The voters of the 8th f&cked this one up.

Anonymous said...

Don't bellyache about yard signs too much. The $13 billion red ink Springfield types decreed that such signs can stay up year around, with very little local input about it.

Local input on the subject? Very little other than "size" and "public safety." And we all know how dangerous political yard signs are! : -)

Republicans are working against seating Joe Walsh? Another Bean delusion here? Perhaps if she had gone out and campaigned and debated a little more often, she wouldn't be in this pickle right about now.

Louis G. Atsaves