Thursday, November 25, 2010

Son of Countdown to Mark Kirk:
The Sequel

Details of Senator-Elect Mark Kirk's upcoming swearing-in ceremony were leaked here yesterday. And your LakeCountyEye took the opportunity to openly question the choice of venue -- Crystal Lake -- not to mention the scheduled time -- last Saturday, 5 days ago. Also the effects the cosmopolitan Mark Kirk would have on the gun-toting McHenry County rustics in attendance would be hard to gauge.

Well, message received loud and clear. Because no sooner were the aforementioned details posted ...
Son of Countdown to Mark Kirk
that your LakeCountyEye received notice from Kirk's operatives that there will be a make-up date for the swearing-in ceremony.

Your LakeCountyEye had observed that these ceremonies are typically held at venues like the US Capitol. And Kirk's swearing-in is now slated for the US Capitol. And your LakeCountyEye speculated that these ceremonies are typically officiated by some heavy-hitter like a US Vice President. And Kirk's swearing-in is now to be officiated by a sitting US Vice President, Joe Biden. And where your LakeCountyEye questioned the wisdom of scheduling the swearing-in 5 days in the past, Kirk's event may now be attended on Nov 29, a more reasonable 5 day in the future.

This fast turnaround by Kirk's handlers narrowly averted the sort of political misstep one only sees on Dancing with the Stars. All of which means one thing and one thing only. This blog is the must-see first-read in the boiler-room of every political operation on either side of the aisle and within spitting distance of a 4G-Network.

Anyways here are the details of the rescheduled swearing-in ceremony ...
Your LakeCountyEye will not bother posting another one of those tiresome Internet countdown clocks. As if anyone is about to risk their junk being touched just to fly to DC to watch Mark Kirk become Illinois' newest junior senator.


Team America said...

Risking it? I'm expecting it. Cheapest thrills around. ;-)

MammaBlogga said...

It's rather obvious that they simply attached the wrong flier to the 11/24 "Media Advisory" sent out. Anyone who attended that 11/20 Town Hall meeting would have easily recognized the error and not gone to all the trouble of creating a countdown graphic.

Anonymous said...

TA looking for cheap thrills in the airport on the way to Mark Kirk's swearing in? Really?

Anonymous said...

CatMan should know about simple mistakes, unlike the intentionally misleading web address that he lists as his home web site on google profiles. Why is your web address, Catman? The large banner at the top appears to affiliate you with the Round Lake Area School District 116. But that's not what your web site is about, is it CatMan. It's a Joe Walsh love-fest instead. Tell us, CatMan, do you teach a seminar in deceptive practices for District 116? Training all the kiddies in the art of bait-and-switch perhaps? That's such a low-class move, CatMan, that even my cats cacked-up a fur ball in your honor.

Barney Baxter said...

to T/A: LOL

to CatMan: thanks for the heads up.

to George S Kaufman: Satire is what closes on Saturday night.

and to everyone else: best holiday wishes!