Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tongue & Cheek

From the Tribune yesterday...
WASHINGTON — — Here for a crash course on serving in Congress, Joe Walsh stood before the Capitol on Monday and stuck out his tongue. Call it comedy — or a case of the nerves — but his targets, a lawyer representing Walsh and a news reporter, weren't in a position to complain. Chalk it up as an unscripted moment during a highly choreographed week.
Walsh, Bean both in D.C. with hopes for seat
Well, there is no point in continuing. Your LakeCountyEye calls it comedy. Note to Internet Powerhouse™, Andy Martin: the State of Illinois has a new #1 ambassador to cyber-satire. His name is Joe Walsh.

Walsh, who no doubt is used to getting some tongue on a first date, has reciprocated by giving some tongue on his first trip to the US Capitol. It used to be you could tell a politician was lying when you saw his lips moving. Nowadays, if you all you see moving are his lips, that's your signal to quit while you're ahead.

All kidding aside, your LakeCountyEye has been exclusively leaked Joe Walsh's new campaign logo:
Joe Walsh US Congress
Your LakeCountyEye would advise Team Walsh to keep an eye on the mail for a cease and desist letter from attorneys representing the Eagles:
Walsh v Walsh
Walsh found himself in some legal trouble last spring after posting on his website a video parody of (musician) Joe Walsh's Walk Away. Nonetheless, in the wake of his unexpected electoral success, Walsh is sorting through offers and may be contemplating a video cover of The Silver Tongued Devil and I. Keep an eye on the mail for a cease and desist letter from attorneys representing Kris Kristofferson.

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Anonymous said...

Still can't believe the LIVs in the 8th voted this guy in.