Saturday, November 13, 2010

Countdown to Mark Kirk

Your LakeCountyEye'e e-mail inbox is the endpoint terminus, it seems, for every press release from the office of every Lake County elected official with a connection to the Internet. So it's your LakeCountyEye's job to read all these press releases. So you don't have to. Your LakeCountyEye is nothing if not civic minded.

Not coincidentally, your LakeCountyEye received a press release, this very Saturday morning, from Lake County's newest US Senator, Senator Mark Kirk. The Senator-Elect has scheduled a Town Hall Meeting in Arlington Heights. The details, as well as time & location, are reproduced below:
Operatives are urged to add the 10am, Saturday, November 13 Arlington Heights meeting to their day-planners immediately, and highlight it in bold. And make sure to schedule for yourself plenty of time -- this, without a doubt, is an event not to be missed.

An as a vital reminder, your LakeCountyEye is posting a countdown timer:
Countdown Clock to the Mark Kirk Town Hall Meeting
Arlington Heights Village Hall
Saturday, Nov 13 2010, 10 am
Hurry now, don't be late!


Bystander said...

I like the notation, "FOR PLANNING PURPOSES." Kirk's staff must be very efficient if they consider 93 minutes sufficient for "planning."

Ellen Beth Gill said...

You're only part right Bystander. By planning, Kirk and staff do not mean your planning. They mean their planning. They plan to only have their friends and contributors attend.

Anonymous said...

It was a GOP Rally not a Town Hall