Monday, November 15, 2010

Countdown to Mark Kirk
Day 2: Is the Seat Down?

Last week, the CapitolFaxBlog noted that the Interwebs are all in the hizzy ...
Another phony "controversy" has the Interwebtubes in a tizzy
There is a socialist-left running-dog conspiracy afoot -- it is rumored -- to delay and deny Senator-Elect Senator Mark Kirk his Senate seat in the US Senate. A rumor which of course every operative knows is bunkum. Nonetheless it seems as if your LakeCountyEye kicked over a hornet's nest full of bumblebees, by posting an item entitled ...
Countdown to Mark Kirk
Every hyper-partisan conservative attack monkey within spitting distance thought your LakeCountyEye was chronicling the rumored conspiracy.

Your LakeCountyEye would direct these hyper-partisan conservative attack monkeys to the socialist-left running-dogs at the IllinoisReason. This rumor ...
apparently stems from a faulty Associated Press article which not only got some basic facts wrong but also misquoted Sec. of State Jesse White's office. Far be it from these hyper-partisan conservative attack monkeys to go fetch the truth when a convenient mistake by a major news organization is so much juicier.
IL-Sen: When will Senator-elect Kirk put a stop to the right-wing malarkey about his swearing in?
Not surprisingly the McHenryCountyBlog wannabees at the NewsSun reported the AP rumor as fact:
Now we learn Republican Kirk won’t be seated at the start of the lame-duck congressional session, which begins Monday. Illinois election officials say Kirk won't officially be declared the Senate winner until Nov. 29.
Darts & Laurels
But as Rich Miller had already observed, a couple days earlier ...
the Senate is recessing its lame duck session during the entire week of the 23rd because of Thanksgiving. The Senate won't restart the session until November 29th.
Another phony "controversy" has the Interwebtubes in a tizzy
A friendly reminder to operatives & news outlets far and wide: if your LakeCountyEye is any indication, just because you see it on the Internet doesn't automatically make it true. Now let's everyone all get out the vote and make sure Alexi is the next Mayor of Chicago!

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