Monday, October 4, 2010

Q the Eye/10.04.10

Dear LakeCountyEye,

My opponent is saying mean things about me on Facebook. Now he has more friends than I do, and I'm just sure he's going to clobber me on the next Facebook poll. This is so unfair -- daddy promised that I could be Congressman!

In the Doldrums
Dear Nabob,

In an effort to fathom this latest Internet sensation, your LakeCountyEye has just dropped 10 bucks on that new Facebook movie. The film, starring a youthful-looking Richard Dreyfuss as Facebook impresario Mort Zuckerman, unfortunately left your LakeCountyEye even more befuddled than usual. Does anyone know what's this Facebook phenomenology supposed to be anyways?

But to answer your question, don't make the mistake that one politician made when he caught his opponent talkin' smack about him on his Facebook. He took it to the Daily Herald,
Dold campaign critical of Seals' Facebook comment
... quite aggrieved over how he did none of the things his opponent said.

Of course, even the fusspot Daily Herald can be alerted to a good headline-making story every now and then. And while trash-talk on Facebook do not headlines make, tax fraud and voter fraud do. Even if technically you have not committed any frauds, your undecided voters -- those who typically skim past the news stories to get to Garfield and the new Walgreens coupons -- will think you have. Given the average age of a newspaper subscriber, is there any wonder why they now call it old-media?

Long story short, be careful what you wish for when going after that earned media. Your LakeCountyEye recommends polling your Facebook friends if they think your opponent looks like Odie:
... then move along.

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