Sunday, October 31, 2010

Election 2.0

You read it here first how the Buffalo Grove poobahs are lining up to throw beleaguered village trustee Lisa Stone under the proverbial bus.
Mid-Term Ejections
The latest defenestrator is Lake County Commissioner David Stolman, who sent a why's-everyone-looking-at-me? letter to the papers:
During the April 2009 municipal election, I was appointed as honorary chairman of Lisa Stone's campaign for Buffalo Grove village trustee. There were many qualified candidates wanting to serve Buffalo Grove in the trustee capacity. (I endorsed Bev Sussman, Jeff Braiman, and Joanne Johnson as well.) Lisa won the election. This offered her a golden opportunity to become an effective trustee. At that time, I suggested that she put the issues of the hard fought campaign behind her and serve Buffalo Grove with integrity.
Stone blew it
Unlike Buffalo Grove's municipal board, Stolman still has a problem after Stone is gone. Stolman recruited Stone in 2009 and helped her get elected. He is now backpedalling furiously, hoping the voters will forget and/or forgive this sort of mind-boggling lapse in judgement.

Knowing that voters are vindictive and will carry a grudge, your LakeCountyEye thinks that David Stolman and Lisa Stone will forever joined at the hip in voters minds for years to come. To prove the point, your LakeCountyEye has commissioned a We Ask America poll. Operatives are asked to participate, no prior experience is necessary:

Poll Question:
David Stolman & Lisa Stone
are Most Like ...

Please Choose One:

Tweedledum & Tweedledee
Pickles & Relish
The Captain & Tennille
The Thrill of Victory & The Agony of Defeat
Dazed & Confused
Barnum & Bailey
The Alien & Sedition Act
Abbott & Costello
Stoli & Sprite
Dr Frankenstein & Dr Frankenstein's Monster

We Ask America wishes to remind Operatives that this is a scientific poll and bears no similarity to an Internet Top Ten List whatsoever. It is not necessary to submit your response. Move along please, and thank you for participating.


Anonymous said...

All kind of interesting, given the fact that Hartstein works for Stolman at his law office. Wonder the conversations there-just goes to show you that you never know how people will recat when elected/appointed to a position.

Anonymous said...

Hey LakeCountyEye -- Also keep your big eye on the impact on Sid Mathias, state rep. Mathias endorsed Stone and acted as her honorary campaign co-chair. David Stolman, her other honorary co-chair, and Brian Rubin, her campaign manager, have both since recanted their endorsements and written public letters in support of her recall. Mathias refuses to support the recall effort.