Friday, October 15, 2010

God and Man at Jail

Barack Obama proved the adage that we would see a Muslim elected President before we would ever see an atheist in the White House. If politics is show business for ugly people then religion might be show business for buggy people. Sure, our Founders soundly rejected the idea that an aristocracy rules over us by divine right. But ever since that first backwoods justice-of-the-peace discovered he could get elected to higher office by invoking the man upstairs, an uneasy truce has reigned between America's leaders and its clergy.

Of course as America goes, so goes Lake County. The most recent incarnation was Sheriff Mark Curran's open-mike ramble at last summer's Tea Party Jamboree in Libertyville. As reported in this blog ...
Q the Eye/07.06.10
the Sheriff could be observed invoking his own divine mandate. The full video, in its glory, has finally shown up on the YouTubes ...

Where EllenoftheTenth took notice ...
Tea For Two, Two Mark Currans That Is
The spectacle of a metropolitan County Sheriff clad in the magic underwear while proactively blurring the distinction between divine and governmental authority is enough to instill the fear of God in even the most sinful of cynics.

It's a truism that there are no atheists in the FoxNews, and wearing God on one's sleeve (or other garments as the case may be) is smart re-election politics. Of course a strategy of spooking the voters runs the risk of backfiring -- not everyone buys the holier-than-thou song-and-dance. The opposition may just have a homemade video ready to plop on the YouTubes. And not a minute too soon ...

... for the 2014 election.

Note to operatives: you can inflict some damage on the opposition by shopping around that embarrassing video footage to the reporters & the bloggers. However it's a good idea not to wait three weeks before the election to commence shopping. It takes your typical blogger or reporter three weeks just to get out of bed.


Anonymous said...

At what point after two plus years did did the Sheriff suddenly awaken from a Brigham Young style revelation that Ted Kennedy was in the same party as himself. And that the Senator was contaminating his precious bodily fluids.

LC Truth said...

The Republican Party has embraced this man with open arms. This guy has a lifelong long, not an election or two history of pulling a Democratic Ballot. A true South-Side Chicago man from a Southsider hard Democratic family.
And now...................he uses some lame excuse to jump ship. I am sure if you get inside the head of the plaid pant sheriff, you will see the gears turning and taking a gamble thinking the best way to get re-elected is to become a Republican in Lake County. After all, they would (and in robotic like fashion have) embrace him, forgive him of his past (life-long) affiliation and have him join their ticket.

Now the plaid pant sheriff has subscribed to one Lake County Republican ideology....take a tremendous public funded (code for high property taxes) salary.

Good Luck Benedict, you will need it!

Anonymous said...

Now, now LC Truth. Settle down!

Ellen Beth Gill would be rabidly espousing the reelection of Curran if he were still a Democrat.

He switched parties and now she ridicules.


What's so different about the man? Other than the "D" or the "R"?

Louis G. Atsaves

IllinoisJim said...

I feel fear. Is there any evidence that our Sheriff has intimidated any of his subordinates who do not share his views? Is there any evidence that he has encouraged any of his subordinates to incorporate his views into their jobs and the manner they treat the public, suspects, or convicted persons? Have any officers acted so? What is the morale level in the Lake County Sheriff’s Department?

Ellen Beth Gill said...

Oh, no. Louie baby. That's a negative. One peak at this video and I don't care what party he's with. I'm heading for the hills. I've also noted in my posts, that Mark Curran has been revealed to be a member of Opus Dei. You probably thought that was only in the movies, but it really exists. Look it up yourself. Their big thing is getting members into higher office, internationally. No long ago, there was a kerfluffel over an Opus Dei member quietly getting himself into office in Scotland. I think Sheriff Curran knew exactly what he was doing from the beginning. It's his religious crusade to get into government so he can bring us religion. My current complaint against him is why, with all the scripture he wants to hand us about our personal lives, how many children we should have (if we're white, of course), he has no problem with bank usury, a scriptural no-no.