Friday, October 22, 2010

The Alleged Allegiance

Operatives ought to be familiar with that old joke -- where you go to a fight, but a hockey game breaks out. Well, in the Eighth Congressional District you go to a debate and a Pledge of Allegiance breaks out:
The crowd breaks into an impromptu Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the candidates forum between 8th Congressional District candidates Joe Walsh, Melissa Bean and Bill Scheurer at Grayslake Central High School.
Daily Herald
Pledge of Allegiance breaks out in debate audience
It may be an occupational hazard, but for your LakeCountyEye teh LOLz come few and far between. So it was a welcome sight that your LakeCountyEye's favorite source of deadpan humor, the Daily Herald, failed this morning to disappoint: LOL, that Pledge of Allegiance was about as impromptu as a fight breaking out in a WWE wrestling match. Your LakeCountyEye knows this display was pre-cooked in advance because there is a protocol to follow when requested to recite the Pledge of Allegiance (or any loyalty oath for that matter): stand up straight, extend your right arm, and place your hand firmly over your wallet. Because someone is aiming to pick your pocket.

The significant LOL aspect of this latest bizarre 8th C/D story is the Little-Old-Lady aspect. Hijacking a League-of-Women-Voters Forum may play well with the base, but it frightens the Little-Old-Ladies. Like resident Little-Old-Lady and esteemed colleague, Mr Redtail:
Joe Walsh's Gang of Thugs -- in Grayslake?
Is a Little-Old-Lady likely to vote for a loose cannon who may just shut down the Federal Government, cutting-off social security and medicare payments? Your LakeCountyEye doesn't think so. And guess who votes in these off-year elections? LOL

The patron saint of your LakeCountyEye is Richard Nixon, and his primary dictum still holds: In the primary, campaign to the base. In the general election, campaign to the center. Well, Joe Walsh is not only still campaigning to his base, he is pandering to it. Unless the Walsh campaign is a complete freak-show operation, your LakeCountyEye divines that they have decided to write-off 2010 as a learning experience. And ride the 2010 primary nonstop all the way into 2012. And beyond.



Anonymous said...

It has been said over the course of the last few days this crowd was straight from the Jerry Springer School of Disobedience.
Thankfully they do not represent the District and in 10 days they will be scratching their heads wondering what they did wrong.

MammaBlogga said...

With the rejection to the Pledge being recited by Ms. Kathy Tate-Bradish (someone who hosted campaign events for Obama in her own home), followed by the comments by Jan Czarnik (someone who used to work for progressive mainstays such as ACORN's Project Vote, and the Progressive People for the American Way) it couldn't get much better for the Walsh campaign. When this whole incident went viral across the Internet, you can bet that support started flowing into the coffers of the Walsh campaign. Just about every news organization across America has picked this story up and the general feeling among the voters is that "We The People" will make our feelings known on November 2nd. Those of you who are trying your darnedest to read something into this incident were NOT there and couldn't see the spontaneity of it all play out.

Here's what the Pledge means to most Americans, including the Democrats who stood up alongside the Republicans at the forum. Were the Democrats that stood up also "phony patriots" or does it just apply to the Republicans who stood up?