Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mid-Term Ejections

Buffalo Grove straddles both Lake and Cook counties, which may explain why voters there can't make up their minds about who should represent them at city hall. After voting Lisa Stone to a village trustee post in a 2009 landslide, they are now on the cusp of voting her out on a ballot recall.

Your LakeCountyEye will not be providing a backgrounder to this particular municipal brouhaha -- operatives unfamiliar are recommended to Google "LISA STONE" & "BUFFALO GROVE" & "DRAMA QUEEN".

Suffice to say with no friends left in high places, it looks like Stone is on her way to the record books this Tuesday. In fact it seems that high-profile politicians in low-key Buffalo Grove have been lining up to throw Stone under the bus. No one less than Buffalo Grove Mayor Elliott Hartstein placed an open letter in the papers urging voters to dump Stone like a sack of soggy tacos:
I personally would like to thank the individual community members who initiated and worked on the recall, and the over 2,000 citizens who signed the petitions to give the entire community the opportunity to cast their votes on this important referendum. Please vote "yes" for the recall of Lisa Stone and urge your friends and neighbors to join you. This is truly a serious matter that affects the well being of our community.
Guest Essay: Hartstein's open letter to citizens of Buffalo Grove
It's one thing to be thrown under the bus. When your sitting Mayor does it, you've just been thrown under the Dave Matthews Bus:
Dave Matthews Sued For Dumping On Chicago
Claim band bus discharged human waste into river, onto tourists
the smoking gun
The open letter closes with a disclaimer:
Elliott Hartstein is the Buffalo Grove village president. He stresses that these are his personal views as a citizen and are not official views of the village or in his capacity as an elected official.
According to the LakeCountyEye tally-sheet that goes down as one YES vote from Citizen Hartstein and one NO vote from Mayor Hartstein. The Lisa Stone recall is an even 50/50 split -- this one is too close to call!

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