Friday, July 2, 2010

Who Are You?

Your LakeCountyEye has been AWOL, having decided to accept a deep-background, eyes-only mission for an undisclosed governmental body.
Can you ID your LakeCountyEye in this picture?

Eye on Chicago
Now with the mission wrapped & ready for historians to ponder, quantities of kudos must go to Mr Redtail for holding down the fort here. Your LakeCountyEye will confess that Mr Redtail has an enviable knack for stirring up the blog-pot, given the reaction to this recent post ...
Loan Shark Hosts Dold Funder
Your LakeCountyEye hasn't actually bothered reading the post -- it has something to do with 10th Congressional District candidate & vendor of extermination services, Robert Dold. However the post has logged 33 comments, to date! For anyone reading the comments, and who is anyone like your LakeCountyEye, their initial reaction was: who are these people?

Well your LakeCountyEye has done more than react, going beyond reaction to extraction -- namely, looking up IP addresses. Herewith is the answer to this question on the mind of every Operative:

Loan Shark Hosts Dold Funder:
10 Most Frequent Commenters

  1. Sock Puppets
  2. Trolls
  3. Spammers
  4. Political Haxxors
  5. Phishers
  6. The Orkin Man
  7. Flamers
  8. Lusers
  9. LOLcats
  10. Consumer Legal Services, Corp.
    Attorneys at Law

Your LakeCountyEye has no comment.

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