Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Water Pipe Dreams

It's been noted already that it's been hot, very hot, and your LakeCountyEye can report it was hot enough today to deep-fry a Twinkie on the sidewalk. The local climatological experts have retreated to their Arctic circle base-camp, where they are preparing a statement that the record heat proves that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the liberal media.

Doctors typically recommend plenty of water for hot days like these, and water is what Lake County desires these days -- more specifically, Lake Michigan water. Western Lake County has gotten so thirsty that 10 communities want to see Lake Michigan water pouring out of their taps:
  • Antioch
  • Fox Lake
  • Lake Villa
  • Lindenhurst
  • Long Grove
  • Wauconda
  • Lake Zurich
  • Volo
  • Fox Lake Hills
  • Grandwood Park
No pipe that size will be cheap, it's already estimated at a quarter of a billion dollars. Each community must lay down $50,000 in up-front money, and Antioch is already balking. The Daily Herald talked to one Antioch trustee ...
"If no other communities are in on this, why should we be the first community to feed the trough?" Trustee Scott Pierce said.
Antioch doesn't want to jump the gun on water vote
A small price to pay for a front-row seat at the water trough, but your LakeCountyEye digresses.

This of course is not to downplay the seriousness of the issue. A Lindenhurst trustee explained to the News-Sun ...
"We have to find a sustainable source of water for the future," said Trustee Timothy Wayne.
$50,000 allocated for pipeline planning
And serious it is. If western Lake County does not get its share of that sweet, light Lake Michigan water, and get some soon, then what will become of County essential services? Services like the Annual Fox Lake Fireman's Festival Water Fight?

Voice of Fox Lake water fights still going strong
Will Lake County residents be privileged to witness the combined effects of high pressure hoses and beer kegs, ever again? To underscore the gravity of the situation your LakeCountyEye has compiled another 10 pressing needs for that direct pipe to Lake Michigan.

Lake County's 10 Most Urgent Requirements for Lake Michigan Water
  1. Strong, unexpected demand for Asian carp koi ponds.

  2. Construction ready to begin on the Route 53 extension canal.

  3. New water hazards planned for Fort Sheridan golf course.

  4. Section 8 housing for Princess Nudelman.

  5. 2 words: Lake FUNdelein

  6. Port Barrington should have a port.

  7. There is never enough water for VFW Hall beer.

  8. County hydroponic medicinal marijuana farms.

  9. Waukegan City Council has voted to flood Genesee St for Scuba the Loop.

  10. Now every home in Lake County can be under water.

With all this talk about water, your LakeCountyEye needs a drink!

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Anonymous said...

re: #4. This just in: Princess Nudelman is still dead.