Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Q the Eye/07.06.10

Dear LakeCountyEye,

I have this reoccurring dream all of the time. I'm at my town square, in a crowd of people. And I all of a sudden I realize I'm not wearing anything except my underwear! Am I nuts?

Caught With My Pants Down

Dear Boxers-or-Briefs,

Most LakeCountyEye Operatives experience just this dream on a regular basis. According to Freud ...

The nucleus of an exhibition-dream is furnished by one's own person, which is seen not as that of a child, but as it exists in the present, and by the idea of scanty clothing which emerges indistinctly, owing to the superimposition of so many later situations of being partially clothed, or out of consideration for the censorship; to these elements are added the persons in whose presence one is ashamed. I know of no example in which the actual spectators of these infantile exhibitions reappear in a dream; for a dream is hardly ever a simple recollection. Strangely enough, those persons who are the objects of our sexual interest in childhood are omitted from all reproductions, in dreams, in hysteria or in obsessional neurosis; paranoia alone restores the spectators, and is fanatically convinced of their presence, although they remain unseen. The substitute for these persons offered by the dream, the number of strangers who take no notice of the spectacle offered them, is precisely the counter-wish to that single intimately-known person for whom the exposure was intended. "A number of strangers," moreover, often occur in dreams in all sorts of other connections; as a counter-wish they always signify a secret. * It will be seen that even that restitution of the old state of affairs that occurs in paranoia complies with this counter-tendency. One is no longer alone; one is quite positively being watched; but the spectators are a number of strange, curiously indeterminate people.
The Interpretation of Dreams
... and blah blah blah blah blah.

Your LakeCountyEye's advice: don't worry about it. The time to start worrying is when you forgot to wear your pants, but this time it isn't a dream.

The time to really worry is when it's not you -- it's the Sheriff.

Libertyville hosts Tea Party event

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't that guy in "My Mother the Car"?

MammaBlogga said...

So, Barney, what would you suggest wearing on a hot, humid day reaching into the 90 degree range? Might I suggest a pair of plaid knee-length shorts?

It is good to see that according to the ABC7 news report that the Tea Party has actually reached as far away as Palestine! I didn't know they celebrated our Independence Day there.

Quote: "Palestine and McHenry also hosted events over the holiday weekend."

Barney Baxter said...

That would work -- provided he properly accessorizes with a teal belt.