Sunday, July 18, 2010

Natural Election

With the temperature stuck in the 90s, Lake County prefers to practice its electoral politics au naturel. Your LakeCountyEye already spotted the trend here in ...
Talking Down
taking note of how easy it is to bamboozle the inattentive masses with ten-dollar words & phrases like the Natural Moral Law. This particular bit of political flimflammery is as elegant as it is simple. Operatives are encouraged to get up on your soapboxes and tell the crowd that you speak on behalf of something natural -- whether it is natural rights, or natural moral law, or natural logarithms, it doesn't matter. Just convey the idea that you speak for some universal principle or the dictates of history or the Divine Will -- all of which pretty much amount to the same thing.

Those LakeCountyEye Operatives who have gotten this natural religion better than anyone else are the Tea Party Operatives. At the most recent Tea Party rally in Libertyville, a phalanx of candidates -- including our Lake County Sheriff -- were observed thumping their tea chests while purporting to be emissaries of the Divine Word.

Tea Party Rally, Libertyville, July 5 2010
A wink of the LakeCountyEye goes out to these natural born citizens.
They're gonna put me in the movies.
They're gonna make a big star out of me.
We'll make a film about a man that's sad and lonely,
And all I have to do is act naturally.

Act Naturally, Russell/Morrison

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