Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; then there are celebrity impersonators. Operatives may have been flattergasted to learn from the News-Sun that your LakeCountyEye will be patrolling the Lake County Fair.
'Barney' to patrol fairgrounds
While it is true there will be a celebrity Barney at next week's County Fair, the celebrity will not be this blog's very own Barney Baxter. In an exclusive to this publication, your LakeCountyEye can report with a high degree of certainty that Mr Baxter had been contacted by Lake County Fair organizers with an offer to cover the Fair live. It was to have been promoted as the LakeCountyEye keeps an eye on the Lake County Fair. And a deal might have been struck. However negotiations faltered when it became clear that when Mr Baxter agreed to cover the Fair, Mr Baxter meant he would live-blog the Fair from his basement. That stipulation in particular proved to be the deal-breaker.

Given the abundance of corndogs & fried cheesecakes & cotton candy slushies, plus bad music and a dress code that tops out at tank tops & shorts, a County fair is essentially an open air blogger's basement. And Mr Baxter may have been better advised to rethink his truculence.

But your LakeCountyEye digresses. Long story short, Fair organizers hired a Barney celebrity impersonator, no doubt at a steep discount to themselves. Although in all honesty, your LakeCountyEye believes Fair organizers got the rump end of that deal.
Celebrity Impersonator
or Maalox Moment?
Ersatz Barney BaxterBarney Baxter
Personally your LakeCountyEye thinks he looks more like Jim Carrey.

The Lake County Fair is Jul 27 thru Aug 1 -- 8am thru 11pm -- at the corner of Peterson & Midlothian in Grayslake. Operatives are encouraged to attend and say hello to Barney's doppelganger. This may not be the genuine article -- but half a loafer is better than none.


Anonymous said...

The lady deputy sheriff who keeps drpping her gun should follow Barney's example and place just one bullet in her shirt pocket.

MammaBlogga said...

BB wrote "a dress code that tops out at tank tops & shorts"

Being a people watcher, this is one place where you can just about see it all (2nd only to the customers at Walmart). I tend to lean on something near the live entertainment and watch the strip show walk by. That and hundreds of big burly men wearing black T-shirts with COP, SECURITY, POLICE, etc. emblazoned on them. This positioning has far exceeded the fun I used to have watching the tractor pull and demolition derby.

Would you have agreed to attend and report on the activities if they had given you a T-shirt with LakeCountyEye on it, along with a big SUV with tinted windows? (or maybe just a small golf cart with a blue light on it to haul you around the fairgrounds)

I plan to be there taking in the 'sights' and posting some 'cheap shots' of attendees on my blog. Maybe you could join me if there are two poles to lean on.

As far as the Lake Michigan water in your previous post, many of us paid a monthly fee for several years before we ever got one drop of water (to build the system). Those villages that balked are paying the price with today's dollars. Even the ones like RLP that balked are paying much more now than they would have if they had been on board at the beginning, as the system went right past them to surrounding areas. It was a very poor decision on the part of some local village boards and now their constituents are paying a hefty price to obtain the water.

Barney Baxter said...

hi CatMan,
I usually attend the LC Fair every year. Although I can't exactly say which days & time. Most likely I'll be nearby the Republican & Democratic booths, wherever it is they set up now at the new location. Look for the person with the flash-instamatic, lurking behind a utility post.

Barney Baxter said...

hi CatMan,
With all the new homes/wells built here, and with global warming, the future water situation doesn't look too hopeful. We may all end up drinking Lake Mich water sooner or later.