Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Election Night Special

You know the dog days of summer have arrived when your dog's head is in the toilet. And already Lake County is in the throes of election fever. Not just any election fever -- special election fever. For those operatives who've been abroad in Wisconsin and haven't heard the news, Illinois will hold two elections in November: a mainstream election and a special election. A special election was added to the ballot to give voters the opportunity to pick someone to replace Roland Burris.

For those sharpeyed operatives who believed they already would have an opportunity to replace Burris in November, they will also get a bonus opportunity. A Federal Judge ordered to the ballot a pre-replacement candidate who will precede the replacement candidate. As far as your LakeCountyEye can see, this ballot option is supposed to serve the same purpose that the practice question serves on SAT exams.

Operatives who genuinely want to understand are advised to consult TeamAmerica10th or someone else that purports to know what this special election mess is supposed to be about ...
Bad News for Giannoulias: Roland Burris Apparently Not Giving Up Special Election Hopes
Since it is technically a vote for a Federal office, the high-stakes behind-the-scenes maneuvering began before you even heard about this special election. The respective special candidates are to be caucused in by their state Party committees. TeamAmerica10th thinks that Roland Burris is positioned to make things difficult for the Democrats and claim the nomination for himself. A daydream which corroborates what your LakeCountyEye already knows, that Lake County already is in the throes of special election fever.

Knowing the track record of Michael Madigan, the caucus votes are already in the bank for whoever the Democrats decide to nominate. The bigger questionmark is really on the Republican side of the Caucasus. The Republican Chair is Pat Brady, whose only claim to fame is another Republican stole his name to run for governor. (The previous generic gubernatorial name -- Ryan -- has been permanently retired.)

The State Republican caucus is split down the middle between the Tea Partiers and party operatives. Who the Tea Partiers decide to back is unknown, and given their tepid support for the liberally social Mark Kirk, this particular nomination by no means looks to be the slamdunk for him. If history is any indication, look for the unthinkable to emerge from a Republican smokefilled room.

More later. Speaking of smokefilled rooms, your LakeCountyEye agreed to have Alan Keyes stay the weekend -- until he can re-establish legal residence in the state.


Team America said...

BB - Of course the Dem party leaders will want/try to nominate Giannoulias if they are given that opportunity. The point is that based on Burris' track record, there is every chance he will make that decision very difficult and embarrassing for the Dems, possibly including playing the race card as he has in the past, and make life quite miserable for the Dems as that process unfolds.

MammaBlogga said...

Maybe someone else who is building their own monument like Burris is, will decide to run. That someone just might be Scott Lee Cohen since he was able to win the nomination for Governor. Why not be remembered as Senator Cohen instead of Governor Cohen?

RE: Burris has already charted his esteemed career path on the walls of his future grave in Chicago's Oak Woods Cemetery (pictured here). Beneath a seal of the state of Illinois, Burris lists his accomplishments to date, and there seems to be plenty of room above the bench to mention his career in the Senate.

MammaBlogga said...

( That should have read "able to win the nomination for Lieutenant Governor" )

Barney Baxter said...

hi TA,
Burris may have been planning to claim the nomination for himself. But I heard he had a change of mind. After he read that Madigan has the votes in the bank -- in the LakeCountyEye.