Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Eye to the Future

June 24 is the halfway point between the 2010 Primary and the November election. Well, give or take a week. Or two. Which means it is time for your LakeCountyEye's 2010 election halftime predictions:

Prediction #1
This prediction was predicted here once already ...
Bla-Go Directly to Jail?
But the leak is worth repeating.

Since when is it illegal to be a Chicago-style politician -- in Chicago-style Chicago? Everyone following the BP oil spill knows by now there is nothing unseemly to be caught exerting a Chicago-style shakedown. Here in Illinois it's called campaign fundraising. Rod Blagojevich will walk.
Prediction #2
State Senator Dan Duffy, who has had his fill of the career politicians, will resign some time after the election. State Rep Ed Sullivan Jr will be appointed to replace Duffy. Operatives are not to be discouraged from seeing the irony in this.
Prediction #3
Republicans in Lake County will do poorly again in November among Hispanics. Watch for Michael Waller, Lake County States Attorney, to also retire/resign some time after the election. Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, who expects to be re-elected, also expects promises to be kept and to be appointed the new States Attorney. If so, look for an Hispanic to be appointed the new Sheriff.
Prediction #4
There will be no more than 3 LakeCountyEye 2010 election halftime predictions.


Anonymous said...

a truly Hispanic that is the oxymoron of the day.

LC Truth said...

I am looking forward to upcoming predictions, especially in the Lake County races.

MammaBlogga said...

B.B. says "Rod Blagojevich will walk"

I have to disagree with your 1st prediction. Even though you can't be found guilty for having a foul mouth, I feel that the jury, after hearing Blago & Patti go on and on with their potty mouths WILL decide he has to be guilty of something and send him over to keep George Ryan company where he can sew together golden parachutes. There are way too many charges for him to get a pass on all of them and we have only heard a few of the damaging wiretap tapes so far. I'm sure the prosecution is saving their best ones for last.

The jury will also grow tired of Sam Adams, Jr. and his theatrical delivery just like the judge already has.

Barney Baxter said...

hi CatMan,
Sure anything can happen at a trial. My attitude is wait and see. Wait and see if the Feds charge Blago with doing something that is illegal.

Anonymous said...

Hispanics tire of the Democratic Machine.