Friday, June 11, 2010

Wonkette Rips Off Daily Beast Rips Off LakeCountyEye Rips Off TeamAmerica

It's a good thing that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, because this one is way too hard to explain. And on a Friday night.

The Cliff Notes version: Back in the day (October 2009 actually) TeamAmerica posted a story ...
NRCC Adds IL-10 Hopefuls Coulson, Dold and Green to its "Young Guns" Program
probably a dump of a press release from the National Republican Congressional Committee about some program of theirs they were calling Young Guns ...
the Young Guns Program began as a Member driven organization of House Republicans dedicated to identifying, recruiting, and mobilizing a new generation of conservative leaders.
Young Guns
Long story short, 2009 inductees into the Guns included some 10th Congressional District candidates. These newest Young Guns were, in chronological order, Octogenarian Elizabeth Coulson (remember her?), Octogenarian Richard Green (remember him?), and Septuagenarian Robert Dold (remember him?).

Naturally your LakeCountyEye picked up the story and had some fun at everyone's expense ...
Superannuated Firepower
Although first to admit: not one of your LakeCountyEye's best efforts. (Is superannuated a word?)

Anyways, fast forward and look who's doing the same snark-laced piece about the same Young Guns program, 9 or 10 months later. No one less than The Daily Beast ...
The GOP's Geezer 'Young Guns'
To put it all in perspective, back when the story appeared here on this blog, your LakeCountyEye was not eligible for Social Security & MediCare.

Operatives may want to note that if a story does not go viral, immediately, that is not to say it will not go viral, ever. The Wonkette picked up the story from The Daily Beast ...
Average Republican ‘Young Gun’ Candidate Is 50
Will the carnage ever end?

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