Monday, June 21, 2010

Bla-Go Directly to Jail?

The most highly anticipated media circus of this election cycle -- the Rod Blagojevich trial -- is not only already here, but is nearly over, already. What gives? The blogosphere must've been too fascinated by the Mark Kirk cavalcade of equivocation to pay any attention to what's gone down, down at the Dirsken Courthouse. What has gone down -- has Blago been sent up the river yet? Anybody? Bueller?

Your LakeCountyEye may have no recourse other than inquire with the newspaper of record, the Chicago Tribune:
The selection of wiretap recordings released in the Blagojevich trial thus far portray a governor stressed over campaign contributions and flippant about his supporters.
The governor on tape
Well, your LakeCountyEye is not aware of any Federal statute that makes being stressed a felony. Is there something in the penal code that says flippancy-with-intent-to-bleep gets you a free bus token to a Federal pen? Perhaps your LakeCountyEye has overlooked some pertinent detail from the wiretap ...
ROD BLAGOJEVICH: Well you gotta go over those lists and then find some more. Just find some people we can call and say hey look, can you send us five thousand, can you send us whatever. You follow me?
ROD BLAGOJEVICH: Work those lists that, you know, of people who are falling through the cracks. PAC, people in PACs and see if we can just, you know, chip away and pick up another one hundred or two hundred ...

Dec. 6, 2008 12:10 p.m.
Your LakeCountyEye may be just a simple country blogger, but that sounds an awful like a candidate and his cash-coach discussing call time. If Patrick Fitzgerald has decided that a candidate who dials-for-dollars is now a candidate for a Federal indictment, then note to Operatives: you best start cutting your deals with the Federal prosecutors. Because, LOL, everyone is going to jail.

If this is all that they have on Blagojevich then he beats the rap. Take it to the Boardwalk Bank: the LakeCountyEye magic crystal ball foresees that Blagojevich will walk.

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