Sunday, January 3, 2010

99% Perspiration and 1% Inspiration

Despite a competitive 10th Congressional primary, political ground zero at TeamAmerica's blog has lately been Senate candidate Mark Kirk. Kirk and his wife Kimberly Vertolli divorced last year. Vertolli posted some comments today on TeamAmerica. (TeamAmerica vouched for the identity of the poster.) Vertolli's comments are spirited appeals in support of her ex-husband. One statement confides that Kirk is ...
"100% heterosexual"
Looking Ahead in 2010
Just for the record, in politics the magic number is 50 percent plus 1.


IllinoisJim said...

1. Reference 29Dec09, thank you, Anonymous & Mr Baxter, for responding to my semi ballistic outrage.
2. Reference 02Jan10, CrazyGolf intimated new items about Mr. Martin in the blog, which I am asking to be investigated further.
3. I think that some are just plain tired of this C.R.A.P. (Confusion Regarding Appropriate Political behavior). I read that in the 20’s there was a Left vs. Right culture war that simply ended during the Great Depression. Like then, we have too much to worry about, real stuff to worry about.
4. This is just too close to home. It is one thing to be bothered by Mr. Beck, O’Reilly, & Limbaugh. They are ‘far away’. It is another when it is swirling around your town. Has Mr. Martin accomplished anything of merit?
5. I didn’t know that Mr. Martin was close to the GOP. Wasn’t he a Democrat in 1979? During W, I read that the RNC would fax the day’s ‘Culture War Talking Points’ to Fixed News, & Mr. Limbaugh, who would dutifully grind away for hours to their fans. So, I wonder how the local GOP likes getting it on the ‘come – around’.
6. Mr. Kirk is not suited to be our senator. Mr. Kirk was an enabler for Rove / Cheney / Hastert. I read that he would be quiet, charming, and vote against his own beliefs until the GOP really needed his vote, then he would vote Far Right Wing. I have two friends who will only vote for him, despite my protests and facts. Amazing.

Barney Baxter said...

hi IllinoisJim,

Here's Andy Martin's Wiki url if you're looking for background info ...

Martin apparently has had some disagreements with Wikipedia ...