Sunday, January 24, 2010

FaceBooks & Twitters & Blogs -- Oh My!

A week or two back, your LakeCountyEye took a jaundiced look at the Daily Herald's deadpan look at the intersection between the new media and local politics:
Sites to Behold
IL Senate candidate Suzi Schmidt's generic Internet website was plugged by the Herald as a paradigm example of how local politicians are leveraging some of the new media to their advantage ...
Candidates flock to social media to connect, influence
Of course no Internet story is complete without at least mentioning some old Web 2.0 mainstays like eMail-marketing, YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr, blogs. The Herald delivered, taking a glancing look at how campaign-Schmidt has adapted to these new-media web outlets -- complete with links.

Your LakeCountyEye is nothing if not a skeptic and a procrastinator. Although the Herald story hit the newsstands more than three weeks ago, your LakeCountyEye has just gotten around to calling Herald's bluff and paid a visit this weekend to Suzi Schmidt's Twitter and FaceBook pages.

Campaigns like to keep the voters up-to-date and involved in the election process. Your LakeCountyEye decided to get the skinny from Schmidt's latest Twitter tweet:

Busy getting petition signatures this weekend, Zion Jubilee Days events this weekend include the parade on Monday, Labor Day. See you there.
11:00 AM Aug 31st, 2009 from web
Ah, those were the days, your LakeCountyEye remembers the Zion Jubilee Days quite well. Like it was only yesterday. Back then in aught-nine, you had to catch the ferry to Shelbyville, which is what they called Zion in those days. So your LakeCountyEye tied an onion to our belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. Gimme five bees for a quarter, you'd say ...

... but your LakeCountyEye digresses.

One can tell a candidate by the company they keep, which is where FaceBook comes in. FaceBook was originally an, ahem, social networking site for college students -- but has morphed into a marketing tool for all sorts of endeavors, not the least being political campaigns.

Your LakeCountyEye prefers to see the pictures first, and when visiting FaceBook always goes before anything else to the albums. Schmidt's FaceBook page offers a photo album with the name ...
Camapaign [sic] Trail
where we're invited to ...
Follow Suzi as she campaigns to take back the 31st Senate District!
Added about 5 months ago
Judging from the album's content, there hasn't been much camapaigning to follow these past 5 months. This pace will no doubt accelerate as we near the November election. There is also a nice, albeit lonesome shout-out from local power broker, Fernando Salazar.

Schmidt's FaceBook page boasts some 200 friends. A well-rounded collection including the famous and the near-famous as well as sundry others.

A random sampling of Suzi Schmidt's actual FaceBook friends have been culled by your LakeCountyEye ...

Paul Mitchell
is going door-to-door, followed by events this afternoon & evening. Get caught up in the campaign! #tcot #prolife.
Does Sandy Cole know who your friends are?

Joe Walsh
Joe Cantafio, lead singer 101st Rock Division, will play our new campaign song Lead the Way on the Geoff Pinkus show Sunday night from 5PM -7PM on AM 560 WIND. Please tune in for Joe Cantafio's interview and listen to our rally call!11 hours ago
Your LakeCountyEye was sort of hoping for Hotel California.

Aaron Lawlor
United States Congress
It's nice to see Lawlor got that promotion from a boring County Board gig.

Ed Sullivan
knows that when you put down a 67,038 expenditure for computer consultants instead of 670.38 on a campaign finance report that it is time for a break.
At least it wasn't on an assessor's report!

Angie Wallberg
Has anyone got that e-mail where you are supposed to put your name next to your birthday, the intent being a list with someone's birthday for each day of the year? Hello! If I put my name on the list - how are the other nine people the mailer sent it to going to know that I did? 10 sent, each sending to 10 more, then 10 more......there will be a million lists by the end of the year - none of them complete! :)).
Try asking Ed Sullivan -- he's good with figures.

Bob Wallberg
Nothing like bowling with the Grandkids.
Your LakeCountyEye hears ya. Loud & clear.

Larry Falbe
Does anyone know who this guy is?

Louis G. Atsaves
Good luck on that primary -- ballot position isn't everything.

Maria Rodriguez
Sharing war stories with fellow mayors at the Lake Zurich Chamber of Commerce awards dinner.
Marian Rodriguez
I am looking for the following recipes: posole, menudo and green pork tamales. I would love someone to give me the following recipes that are family recipes. I would also take a mole recipe!
Were there any leftovers at the Chamber dinner?

Milton Jensen
Enough playing games Widen Greenbay road from the State line to Sunset. Politics clog highways,.
Mayor Rodriguez recommends the Route 53 bypass.

Patrick Carlson
I'll never understand how someone be 15 minutes away for 45 minutes...
Enough with the math problems!

Steve Carlson
The magic crystal ball says: was it perhaps a 45 minute lunch with the Mayor?

Mayor Kristina Kovarik
Excellent turnout for Coffee with the Mayor this morning at K-Sweets in the WNPL. Thanks K-Sweets for hosting and a very special thank you to all the residents who stopped to talk today. It was really nice to be joined by County Board Commissioner Steve Carlson. I really enjoy hearing from our residents!
Your LakeCountyEye thought so.

Pamela Althoff
Pamela Althoff
Fun with Fotomat!

Dan Venturi
How's the witness protection program working out?

Sherry Ridge
Make a will. Personally I recommend trusts, either way the only law firm I personally back is Harter & Schottland, visit, if they don't have what you need, still call and ask for a referral. I trust only them with my life and my children's and family. Why? They care! They know good people can make bad choices!!!
So true. So true.

Toby Mussman Smithson
We are three weeks into the New Year, are you still maintaining your Healthy lifestyle resolution?
Your LakeCountyEye prefers to keep a trust, and recommends Harter & Schottland. Good people can make bad choices.

Rich Miller
Party's over, people -- Miller is writing it all down.



Nicki said...

Good investigative reporting, Eye. Next you can start in on Twitter - all the @'s and #'s are boggling to the unaccustomed eye.

Good point about including links to social networking sites on a candidate's website, though. They're only a plus if you keep the sites up to date - otherwise they make the candidate look hopelessly lame.

David Hoffman, candidate for US Senate, is using Facebook and Twitter extremely effectively. He has the advantage of a large group of young volunteers and campaign staff. Candidates should ask themselves (1) who their target audience is (do their constituents really use Twitter?) and (2) whether they have the commitment, or the staff, to maintain those pages.

Barney Baxter said...

Hi Nicki,

My guess is Suzi Schmidt is spending the correct amount of resources on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Which is zero. This sort of media only appeals to the under 30 kids. This is a group that surged to support Obama. However I don't predict a groundswell of under-30s rising in support of Schmidt.

But someone did go to the trouble of getting that Schmidt+newmedia story planted in the Herald. Yet no one did their due diligence. Team-Schmidt never bothered to update their newmedia in 5 months. And the Herald declined to called them on it.