Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reality PayCheck

Who can forget (or remember) Patti Blagojevich's star appearance last year on reality show, I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here? Not to be outdone, Blagojevich's better (or worse) half, Rod Blagojevich, is scheduled to appear on Celebrity Apprentice -- the current incarnation of Donald Trump's Apprentice reality series. The Daily Herald has the details ...
Blagojevich competing on 'Celebrity Apprentice'
Your LakeCountyEye expects nothing less than to see Blagojevich and Trump in the cross-hairs, along with some hair-knuckled fisticuffs from the two media-savvy showmen.

There are enough reality shows presently on the air that it's been estimated that contestants now outnumber viewers. Your LakeCountyEye was skeptical on first seeing that factoid, however a check of the local listings did little to belie this unexpected statistic. Emboldened by our ex-Governor, a slew of Lake County luminaries have queued up to appear this season on the reality TeeVees. Your LakeCountyEye has tweeted up a few for the record:

  • Hoping to seal his heterosexual bona fides,
    Mark Kirk will appear on ...
    Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

  • Payback for losing his Senate parking place while being filmed by a red-light-cam,
    Dan Duffy will appear on ...
    Pimp My Ride

  • She bargained the State's Attorney down from a criminal indictment to a promise to cover costs. Now let's talk about that ridiculous $2000 computer repair bill:
    Avon Township ex-Supervisor Shirley Christian will appear on ...
    Let's Make a Deal

  • A gang of four who refused to refuse a $1500 pay raise.
    Diana Hewitt, Mary Ross Cunningham, Audrey Nixon, Angelo Kyle will appear on ...
    Who wants to be a Millionaire?

  • The inspiration behind the Buffalo Grove recall ordinance,
    Lisa Stone will appear on ...
    Fire Me ... Please

  • Counting the days before the Republicans re-take the Congress:
    Dirk Beveridge, Beth Coulson, John Dawson, Bob Dold, Arie Friedman, Chris Geissler, Dick Green, Paul Hamann, Greg Jacobs, Maria Rodriguez, Joe Walsh will compete for a winner-take-all appearance on ...
    Flip That House

  • Never say never.
    Terry Link will appear on ...
    The Casino

  • How to top last year's stunt of spending a week in your own jail? Easy, this time throw away the key.
    Mark Curran will appear on ...
    Jail Break

  • Former Mark Kirk Deputy District Director & Kirk surroundee,
    Aaron Lawlor will appear on ...
    American High

  • A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.
    Your LakeCountyEye will appear on ...
    Unsolved Mysteries
Your LakeCountyEye is ready for the close-up, Mr DeMille.


Anonymous said...

That is great, especially Shirley Christian.

Nicki said...

Well done, as usual, Eye.

Ann T Gopper said...

You left out Andy Martin (who thinks that Kirk could star in "Boy Meets Boy", "He's a Lady", or "Playing It Straight"). There are several possibilities for Martin:
- The Gauntlet
- Jackass
- Kicked Out
- Lost

Of course, neither of them would be eligible for "The Real World."

Barney Baxter said...

I'll have to have a look at who will be on Punk't this season.


Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that Cindy Hebda's D1 form was faxed from someone's legislative office?

edsullivanjr said...

Anon 9:45:

Let’s put this rumor to bed. I am Hebda's Treasurer. I faxed her D-1 and A-1 from my home office where I live and run all my political campaigns. The number on the top of the page is 847-949-5579. I have attached the link.

If you go to my campaign website you will see clearly that this number is listed as my campaign number.

So please review the enclosed explanation and try to refrain from continuing the rumor,

Rep. Ed Sullivan