Saturday, January 30, 2010

Walshed Out

Your LakeCountyEye admits being sadly washed up as a political prognosticator. On Thursday this blog predicted in ...
Son of Walsh v Walsh
that candidate Joe Walsh's video hommage to guitarist Joe Walsh would be scrubbed off the Internet on Feb 3. Well the video was gone as of Friday -- uh-huh, yesterday. Granted, the difference between actual the predicted dates was just 5 days -- a mere hiccup -- when measured in geological time. But in the extremely dilated space-time continuum known as the week-before-the-election, a difference of 5 days is like mistaking the Cretaceous for the Carboniferous. What went wrong?

YouTube is what went wrong. Your LakeCountyEye did not think that candidate Walsh would bother to remove the video from his website until after the election. However his website was linked to the video via YouTube.
Joe Walsh For Congress Lead the Way Music Video
And YouTube will bounce a disputed video faster than you can say Church of Scientology.

The removal of the video from YouTube cascaded over to candidate Walsh's website, and the webpage is now lost in cloud somewhere ...

Our new music video - Lead The Way
leaving in its place a 404 Error. An aside, a 404 Error seems a tad harsh for a busted YouTube link -- just sayin!

Anyways, the Daily Herald noticed ...
Political video no longer on Joe Walsh Web site
and got Walsh to say the video will be back on the web site in a few days.

Now, any 12 year old with an AOL account knows enough HTML to be able to EMBED an MP3 on a webpage. This is not paleobiology. Team-Walsh hasn't bothered to try, as of this writing (they probably have more pressing business). That and the fact that the election is Feb 2, and that you'd be ill-advised to bet more than a sack of washers on on Walsh's chances, leads your LakeCountyEye to predict that the video will be AWOL for the very long term. Think geological time.

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