Thursday, January 28, 2010

Son of Walsh v Walsh

The latest wrinkle has emerged from the wash known as Joe Walsh vs Joe Walsh. For those who haven't heard about the recent 8th Congressional District flapdoodle, see ...
Walsh v Walsh
it's too complicated to explain here.

The Joes Walsh
Now with 50% More Walshes!

Guitar Player

Politician (USA)

Politician (Ireland)

Today Walsh-the-politician fired back with an open letter posted on his website to Walsh-the-guitar-player.
Open Letter to Joe Walsh (the rockstar) from Joe Walsh (the candidate)
The letter (actually addressed to Walsh-the-guitar-player's attorney) is mostly a long ramble peppered with good lawyer words like "First Amendment", "fair use", "parody", and "so's your old man." The word "freedom" also shows up a lot -- and "Hollywood" too. The letter more-or-less requests Walsh-the-guitar-player's attorney to talk-to-the-hand. The NewsSun has all the latest details ...
Candidate Walsh won't 'Walk Away'
about Walsh-the-politician's campaign video. Your LakeCountyEye predicted the parody video will not be taken down until Feb 3. Your LakeCountyEye stands by that prediction.

The original cease-and-desist letter was dated Jan 26. The story broke the next day, Jan 27, in the NewsSun ...
Walsh to Walsh: Just 'Walk Away'
complete with an online scan of the letter. Your LakeCountyEye had suspected an inside job -- no law firm is going to leak a cease-and-desist letter to the press -- someone in the Walsh campaign must've been hoping to churn up some last minute election buzz. This however was a misreading of the LakeCountyEye tea leaves (LakeCountyChai).

In some mystery stories the culprit is the obvious suspect, the butler. In this case the butler is the NewsSun itself! The NewsSun (perhaps inadvertently) fessed up today -- actually it was the News Hound who signaled your LakeCountyEye was barking up the wrong tree. The NewsSun ...
asked Joe Walsh the rock star's people what they thought of the tune, and the result was the letter to Walsh and his campaign from an Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, law firm that threatened to sue the campaign for copyright and trademark violations if the music video does not disappear.
Sour notes
A spokesperson for Walsh-the-politician has said they learned about the letter in the media -- and are still waiting to receive it!

This all points to the sort of political conspiracy no conspiracy theorist worth their Kenyan birth certificate can pass up. It is unlikely the Waukego-centric NewsSun would have initiated this sort of investigation on its own volition -- for reasons too obvious & numerous to mention. Some external impetus must've been involved.

High among likely suspects would be Walsh's political enemies. The video does have a line about Nancy Pelosi and Melissa Bean -- and if Walsh wins the primary he would be Bean's opponent in the general election. However your LakeCountyEye predicts that Bean will cakewalk across the finish line in November with 60% of the vote -- no matter who her Republican opponent is. And your LakeCountyEye suspects the Bean-team is secretly hoping they get to run against another McSweeney/Greenberg class of candidate like Joe Walsh.

Next on the list of Walsh's political enemies is Green candidate, Bill Scheurer. Next!

Next on the list of Walsh's political enemies are his Republican primary opponents. There are so many of them your LakeCountyEye has a hard time remembering their names. Long Grove mayor Maria Rodriguez is probably the frontrunner, and if any of them would be the target of a political dirty-trick it would've been Rodriguez. Regarding the Republican field in general, they all would have a motive -- but is there the will and the wherewithal? The magic crystal ball says Reply hazy try again.

Finally, there are some mysteries where the perpetrator is not revealed to the reader until the final chapter. Stay tuned.

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