Sunday, January 31, 2010

Far Out in Left Field

Your LakeCountyEye has spilt a lot of ink the past few days over the Republican Eighth Congressional District primary. Few know that there is also a primary on the Democratic side. And by primary your LakeCountyEye means a contested election. The only name on the Democratic ballot of course is Congresswoman Melissa Bean's. But Jonathan Farnick is running as a write-in. If the name sounds familiar, Farnick filed petitions to get on the Democratic ballot. However the paperwork was so poorly executed -- a page or two shy of the minimum -- that Democratic operatives couldn't resist the opportunity to have Farnick tossed off.

Farnick is now back as a certified Democratic write-in candidate. For the curious, Farnick has a website ...
the goal of which, as far as your LakeCountryEye can tell, is to push the envelope of the typical Eighth Congressional District candidate's website.

Farnick's web content is short on punctuation and capital letters and long on boilerplate talking points borrowed from the likes of Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Keith Olbermann. A note to operatives: when your LakeCountyEye wants the latest Keith Olbermann talking point, your LakeCountyEye goes to Keith Olbermann. Olbermann has a sense of humor.

Here is Farnick on last week's Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v FEC ...
this ruling overrules two previous supreme court decisions, invalidates numerous federal and state laws going back to 1907, gives free speech rights to artificial entities that didn't get 'personhood' until 1886, and allows for foreign owned corporations or their wholly-owned domestic subsidiaries to weigh in on domestic elections

like i said, phucque

PHUCQUE, of course, is how FEC is phonetically pronounced.

LakeCountyEye operatives everywhere are encouraged to vent their frustrations at the ballot box by throwing away their vote on a write-in candidate. For those who wish to do so to the benefit of Mr Farnick, your LakeCountyEye has obtained a helpful guide from Team-Farnick ...

Voting is a lot like filing a ballot petition -- the devil is in the details! Of course your LakeCountyEye is by no means endorsing Farnick or any other candidate in the Eighth Congressional District. For those who are wondering, your LakeCountyEye has already voted.
Every vote cast is a vote cast for Democracy. The primary election is next Tuesday, Feb 2.


Team America said...

BB - finally, proof you pulled a Dem ballot. No shock there. ;-P

Barney Baxter said...

hi TA,

I pulled one of each.


Anonymous said...

Must have went to the e.e.cummings school of punctuation and grammar.

Nicki said...

Wow, an indecipherable stream-of-consciousness blog instead of a campaign website. Why don't more candidates do that? Duh.

This is pretty far afield from Lake County, but I want to share with you one of the most interesting candidate websites I have ever seen. Check out The guy sounds pretty scary, but what a site!