Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lake County Eye
Shamelessly Cribbed by Andy Martin

Your LakeCountyEye had an eerie sense of deja-vu when the inbox served up the latest press release from Republican Senate candidate and Internet Powerhouse® Andy Martin. Martin, a short-time Senate candidate and full-time Andy Martin promoter, is no stranger to this blog. Martin recently picked up the coveted LakeCountyEye endorsement for US Senate, largely on the strength of the fact that the Andy Martin jokes have a tendency to write themselves.

Many of you may have read the spot-on Abbot & Costello comment penned by fellow scribbler, DMAC57, and attached to this post from last Wednesday. Well at least one of you did -- Andy -- judging from the headline of Martin's press release:
Who's on first? Illinois' Mark Kirk, Andy McKenna do an Abbott & Costello routine.
Your LakeCountyEye recalls thinking, hello there's an odd coincidence, when taking a first look at the presser.

But wait, there's more. Your LakeCountyEye toiled feverishly far into the wee hours of the evening prior, searching for the perfect metaphor to sum up the Mark Kirk + Andy McKenna pas de deux (look it up) that has all eyes riveted on the Republican Senate contest. The result, a sudden burst of inspiration, was a simple comic strip, Alphonse & Gaston, a old favorite from your LakeCountyEye's youth. The metaphor quickly crystallized into the laser-guided critique of the Kirk/McKenna week-long tete-a-tete (even more Franglais) that was ultimately posted here late yesterday evening.

Well apparently the metaphor was so good, Andy Martin couldn't resist hijacking it for himself:
Andy Martin calls Kirk/McKenna comedy an "Alphonse & Gaston" routine; or is it Abbott and Costello?
Perhaps an inability to copy & paste an actual cartoon image of Alphonse & Gaston forced Martin to embed in his presser the same Wikipedia hyperlink used by your LakeCountyEye. It goes without saying few of the recipients on Martin's e-mail list would be expected to recognize an Alphonse & Gaston reference. Of course Abbott & Costello is a different story.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And your LakeCountyEye admits to being flattered. If you're reading this, Andy (don't pretend you aren't), your LakeCountyEye works cheap. PR, propaganda, jokes, you name it, and for all occasions. When you request our rate-card, mention your LakeCountyEye by name to qualify for the special discount!


Nicki said...

Congratulations, LakeCountyEye, on serving as Andy Martin's muse. But I'd advise against moonlighting for Martin. You'd have to work even longer and harder into the night to match his bombastic bloviations.

Barney Baxter said...

You're right, Nicki, I can't pretend to hold a candle to Mr Martin. His July 10 presser had the Mrs & I LOLing over breakfast yesterday.

Team America said...

You ought to at least charge him.

Barney Baxter said...

I could try, TA. But (which I'm sure you know) in politics if you don't get paid in advance you don't get paid.

Andy Martin said...

I wasn't aware of the LakeCouyntyEye until today, and I write my own jokes, not crib them. Still, great minds must run in the same channels. There is plenty of space for us to share the glory for exposing Mark Kirk as the lost chipmunk of Illinois politics.

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