Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pardon Me!

The new year 2009 is fast approaching. That means two things to watch out for:
  1. Federal indictments.
  2. Lame end-of-year-roundup blog posts.
Your LakeCountyEye is no exception to this tradition and takes its lede from a Dec 20 news item. Our Governor, bleepin' Rod Blagojevich, issued 22 pardons on that day.

"While facing his own legal cloud, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich decided to pardon 22 other people. The Democratic governor rarely acted on pardon applications during his six years in office. The backlog of requests at one point topped 1,600. But Blagojevich has acted more often in recent months. His office says he issued 22 pardons Friday, the same day Blagojevich vowed to fight the federal corruption charges he faces."

We won't speculate on the motives behind our Gov's sudden gesture of beneficence. But we will say if the Governor is in a pardoning mood, then keep them coming! Here's a list of our recommendations for Lake County:
  1. Terry Link, State Senator & Lake County Democratic Party Chair
    A pardon for each deceased person on Link's 2008 nomination petition.

  2. Pete Couvall, former Democratic Party Vice-Chair
    The same pardon granted to Link plus an up-to-date 2009 phone book.

  3. Bill Gentes, former State Senate candidate
    A pardon for "misrepresenting" an easily checked fact. Which the Daily Herald proceeded to do.

  4. Dan Seals, Congressional Candidate
    A pardon for flooding the street with below-cost gasoline.

  5. Robert Sabonjian, Lake County Board Commissioner
    A pardon for making crank calls.

  6. Tom Adams, former Green Oaks Mayor
    A pardon? LOL

  7. Scott Gifford, Deer Park President
    A pardon for hiring R&W Clark to renovate the Vehe Barn, and failing to Google their bonding company. (Just Google Individual Surety Ltd. to find out what we mean.) Good luck, Scott, on recovering any of that $972,924!

  8. Sally Coffelt, Lake County Recorder of Deeds
    A pardon for each relative drawing a County paycheck.

  9. Melissa Bean, Congresswoman
    A pardon for living in Mark Kirk's district.

  10. Ed Sullivan Jr, State Representative
    A pardon for all incidents where too much alcohol was consumed by at least one participant. Bonus: pardon jurisdiction to include Sangamon County.

  11. Willard Helander, Lake County Clerk
    A pardon for each moving violation.

  12. William Cellini, Springfield Power Broker
    A pardon for whatever it was he did. Now about that casino in Waukegan ...

  13. George Bridges, Lake County Judge
    (Despite losing his judicial election, Judge Bridges immediately got reappointed to the bench.) A pardon for ignoring the wishes of the people.

  14. Mark Curran, Lake County Sheriff
    The Sheriff is pardoned ... that is until he switches to the Bull Moose Party.

  15. Bob Wargaski, Island Lake Agribusinessman
    A pardon for living high off the hog.

  16. Lucy Prouty, Ela Township Supervisor
    A pardon for the Rte 22 chainsaw massacre. Who wanted those 112 old trees anyways?


Anonymous said...

Any time someone like Dan Seals wants to provide cheaper gasoline is ok in my book. If only Exxon and the others would have it in their hearts to not have record profits in an upcoming quarter and do the same.

Also, it occurs to me that Mr. Kirk doesn't necessarily live in district either. His own wife stated that they now live in Washington, D.C. (a few years ago).

Does Mark Curran need a pardon for any potential wrong-doing as he already has a week of 'time-served?' (Let's be honest, his pointing to Greylord and Silver Shovel as reasons to switch parties are lacking, suggesting he is an opportunist).

John McCain may need a pardon or two for picking Sara Palin and for stating that the (new?) fundamentals of the economy are strong. Of course, his financial advisor - Phil Gramm - said we were all whining about the economy.

William Jefferson needs to find better places to stash money - assuming one always needs to stash money in the first place.

The area media needs a pardon for appearing to favor one party over the other on a consistent basis (can you say WKRS?).

And all of us that voted for Blago deserve a pardon. Of course, Ms. Topinka was not the best candidate in my view (loan forgiveness to politically connected people, a hard-line conservative approach to matters affecting daily life, and close friendships with George Ryan and George Bush.)

Related to this, the Republican Party may need a pardon for putting up candidates like Jack Ryan, George Ryan (convicted for actions as Secretary of State - not Governor), Alan Keyes, Steve Greenberg, and Mr. Sauerberg.

Anonymous said...

Ela Townships Chainsaw Lucy is hacking away at more than tree's. She spends taxpayers money faster than anyone I know. FYI Lucy, nothing is free, the taxpayers are paying for all of your abuses Stop spending our money!