Sunday, December 7, 2008

More on Township pay raises

Back in October Wauconda Township officials gave themselves a nice pay raise...

"The Wauconda Township Board Wednesday night approved pay raises across the board for nearly all elected officials of more than 12 percent after several residents spoke up against an initial proposal for more than 25 percent salary increases during a four-year term of office."

Many of these Boards know that hardly anyone pays attention to what they're doing. Many will claim that they don't want Chicago style politics in our communities. The difference between Chicago and here is that Chicago has more TV stations, radion stations and newspapers than we have. The lack of oversite by the press makes it easy to hide what you're doing. So one should not act so surprised when a long time Mayor or Clerk is brought up on charges. Their public persona is far different from their private one.

Wauconda Twp. OKs hefty raises for some officials

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Anonymous said...

Someone should post the salaries of every township official of every township in Lake County. The voters should know how much of their tax money is being spent on salaries.
Great Blog, Keep up the good work!