Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Self-Appointed Pay-Raises

Following Lake Co Board members' self-appointed raises a few months ago, officials of Grant Township of Lake County have assured themselves whopping raises, too. The 3 officials standing to gain the most are:

Walter Kubalanza Tax Assessor (going from $59K -> $70K in '09 - '13)

Kim Kiesgen Highway Commissioner (going from $64K ->$70K in '09, -> $72K in '10, $74K in '11, and $76K in '12)

Kay Starostovic (going from $61,500 -> $70K in '09 - '13)

ONLY STAROSTOVIC VOTED AGAINST THE RAISES and the motion to provide raises beginning next year passed a few weeks ago.

Given the economic down-turn, do these large raises seem appropriate right now? Public officials keep getting more money off the tax payers when everyone knows tax payers throughout Lake County including in Grant are already overburdened with enormous property taxes in a less than stagnate economy.

If you get this far, I too, will be a frequent poster to the "Keeping and Eye on Lake County Illinois. My blogging name is DMAC57. I am a fifty something male whose political alliance has been all over the spectrum in my few decades on earth. As a 30 year Vet, I had a very right/middle view on life until I took the uniform off. Then my political mind woke up and my ideologies shifted to more left/central. We are a country built on diversity and hard work. While I don't believe government should be in our back pockets, I do believe we all need government to assist us in our pursuit of liberty and happiness. I am a staunch believer in the mantra of government for the people by the people.

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Anonymous said...

I also attended the hearing and boarding meeting and was amazed to hear things like:

1. The 8.9% tax levy was only going to apply to new construction in Avon Township. Later in the very same meeting the Supervisor said there was no new construction in Avon Township due to the economy.

2. I was also amazed to hear that Avon Township paid $139.00 a ton for road salt purchasing 1/2 of what a normal winter requires to keep our road safe. Kenosha County just across the state was able to purchase salt at $40.00 a ton representing a $5 increase over last year's cost while Avon Township paid the maximum market curve of triple last years price.

3. After professing that they are running with a bear bones budget the supervisor then admitted to the public present that the board voted sizable pay raises for the 2009 fiscal year even though a 8.9% tax levy will be waged on the homeowners of Avon Township who are suffering job losses, cost of living increases and decreased wages/employment at a rate on par with the national statics. The citizens expected to pay the 8.9% property tax increase will not be receiving a !5% raise in 2009 like the Avon Township Tax Assessor Mr. Dishman nor will most even the 3% increase the Trustee will receive.

Is this government for the people, by the people?? Are we not compelled to action by these fact alone?