Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Edition... More on our Governor, plus roads.

Our Friday feature selection for your reading enjoyment has some Blago fun and games for you, plus some other stuff.

This article in Salon entitled Glengarry Rod Blagojevich, had me laughing for nearly 15 minutes. I think it might be one of the best Rod parodies I have read this week, although upon reflection this uses actual dialog from the indictment, so it may be true and therefore I should feel sick about this.

The Daily Herald editorial board opines about a potential Special Election.

The News Sun reports from the future about Illinois and where we are headed.

The Tribune editorial board says, It's time to remove him. Of course he wanted to remove them so this might be tit for tat!

If this man say's he is troubled by your behavior as an elected official you have some serious issues.

Road improvements like the 120 bypass took a big step forward this week according to these articles here and here.

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