Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fact Check

If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.

Albert Einstein said that, so it must be true.

John Patterson, who writes the political blog for the Daily Herald, demonstrates how a theory need not be inconvenienced by something like the facts. Patterson has a theory about our Governor, bleepin' Rod Blagojevich. Patterson says Blagojevich "never ever missed an opportunity to use an official state action to his benefit or advancement."

A pretty good theory. Except that Patterson himself points out that Blagojevich missed just such an opporunity during his Dec 19 Friday press conference. On that same day, Blagojevich pardoned someone who was unjustly imprisoned for 20 years.

"But imagine the effect if Blagojevich has used his national spotlight on Friday to announce the pardon" writes Patterson. This would send a strong message to the House Impeachment Committee. "A message to those who’d rush to judgment before his case has even gone to a preliminary hearing."

In other words -- and as Patterson ably demonstrates -- if the theory isn't illustrated by the facts, then make up some facts to illustrate the theory.

Now Mark Curran, Lake County Sheriff, also has a theory.

Curran, who was elected as a Democrat, recently switched to the Republican Party: "I am changing parties as a matter of conscience." Curran explained why to WBBM reporter, John Cody. He thinks the Democratic Party is the party of corruption.

Another pretty good theory, all things considered. That is, until Cody brought up ex-Governor George Ryan. Ryan is sitting in a federal prison, convicted on charges of corruption. Also Ryan is a Republican.

If Curran was phased by this inconvenient fact, he wasn't letting on. "That just shows Ryan was acting like a machine Democrat", explained Curran.

In Sheriff Curran's universe, apparently, if someone is corrupt, they must be acting like a Democrat.

Now, Einstein showed that we live in a very strange universe indeed. But just the thought of Albert Einstein somehow ever crossing paths with Sheriff Curran, makes my head explode.

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