Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome to Keeping an Eye on Lake County

I envision this blog becoming a discussion of what good government should be, could be, what it's supposed to be, certainly not what it has become. I have been involved with local politics for many years contributing via many different avenues from elected office to political activism. Besides keeping an eye on Lake County we will also keep an eye on McHenry County, the region and the State with insightful commentary and analysis of current events and governing. We invite comments because it is the sharing of views, even those different from our own, that will help solve the many issues we face today. So, welcome to Keeping an Eye on Lake County.

My name is Adamant and I live in Mchenry County. I like to dwell on possibilities asking the what if questions and then go exploring for possible answers. I'm pretty much center-left on the political spectrum. If it makes sense and it helps the most people then let's do it, but don't break the bank either.

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