Saturday, April 25, 2020

Q the Eye/04.25.20

Ὥρος Hōros
Dear LakeCountyEye,

Your pathetic blog is a total disgrace! You lie when you say President Donald J Trump issued these guidelines for beating the coronavirus:
Orange is the New Black Death
Is spray-on tan as effective as a face mask? A ridiculous lie and the dumb idea is not funny at all. What if one of the stupid morons read that and believed it? You would have blood on your hands!

I demand an absolute retraction! And to print all of President Donald J Trump's real guidelines for beating the coronavirus in November:
  • Bathe in Ultraviolet Light
  • Internally Bathe in Ultraviolet Light
  • Vigorously Wash with Disinfectant
  • Inject Disinfectant
It is because of fakenews losers like you that America is not great again!

John Barron
Dear @realDonaldTrump,

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