Sunday, April 12, 2020

Odd Bedfellows

Your LakeCountyEye
Who votes in an odd year election? Not your LakeCountyEye.

If you live in Old Mill Creek, however, you may have voted. Fewer than 175 people are registered to vote in the Village of Old Mill Creek. And around 40 of those voted in the 2019 election -- where Old mill Creek village clerk and trustees were on the ballot.

With an electorate that narrow, one vote would be worth 100s if not 1000s!

The three voters registered to vote at this address ...
38500 N Regis Hall Rd
Old Mill Creek, IL
all voted in 2019 -- and may have turned that election.

And as readers of this blog are aware ...
There's No Shelter in Place Like Home
one of those voters was the Old Mill Creek Village President. And (according to assessor's records) another one of those voters claims a principal residence homestead exemption on a home in Lake Villa.

Note to Ops:  That's how it is done, son.

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