Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Hills Have Eyes

You gotta fight for your right to party.
Sick and tired of the man telling you how to live your life? Then head over to the land of the free, aka Barrington Hills:
A community low in legislation and high in property rights, Barrington Hills residents can indulge their passions and interests at home.
Barrington Hills is a Community Where Landowners Determine How They Enjoy Their Land
Barrington Hills is also the only local Chicagoland community where a resident can apply to build a shooting range or a sporting clays course on their own property.
Large Properties Create Endless Possibilities
You may want to think twice, however, about discharging your guns on that Barrington Hills property:
Barrington Hills officials may seek reimbursement from a property owner, an online home rental service and others for police costs related to a fatal shooting last month during a house party they say violated village code.
Barrington Hills wants to recover costs from murder investigation
Do Barrington Hills residents indulge in their passions?  Or is the Village of Barrington Hills the boss of you?  Your LakeCountyEye asked Barrington Hills Mayor Martin McLaughlin.

Haha, j/k.

So, OK, how is the Village of Barrington Hills able to brand itself as a high-in-property-rights libertarian's paradise, all the while threatening to sue residents who violate their low-in-legislation village ordinances?

One knowledgeable observer explained it this way:  "Psych!"

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